Monday, January 24, 2011

Caffé Misto

Address: 2865 Foul Bay Road
Phone: (250) 598-8679
Price: $2-6
Notes: Not much to look at, but great community feel. 

Caffé Misto is one of those coffee shops I drive past almost every day, and always look at it and think that one of these days I should try it out. This weekend, it was on my route home from walking the dog and since our espresso maker is quite tragically broken I stopped in for a cup. I do love me a good Misto, so I really couldn't have stayed away for long. 

The space itself is pretty average looking - brown walls, plain chairs, a couple of booths. But the walls displayed proud thank you letters from the local teen sports teams that were sponsored, and an award from the breastfeeding mothers of Victoria for being a breastfeeding friendly space. This gives you a feeling that Caffé Misto is an important part of the community. It was certainly busy, and with a wide range of people from young families to senior citizens.

Good! It was fast, friendly and the barista used my "one misto with soy, one with regular" as a chatting point which is always good times. I hate making small talk, but she seemed genuinely friendly. 

It was quite a good coffee, I have to say. Although they seemed to cater more to drip coffee in their sizing and pricing than espresso drinks. I think the blend was discovery, but I could be wrong. Either way, tasty! Rather than use cups and sleeves, the cups are the corrugated. If they have wi-fi (I forgot to check) this might become my new favourite places to work when I'm in need  of coffee shop space!


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