Sunday, March 27, 2011


As of January, 2012 Sliders is listed as 'for lease.' Hopefully something new and exciting comes together in the location soon.

Address: 3115 Cedar Hill Ave
Phone: (250) 585-2624
Price: $10-15 dinner entree
Notes: A bit mix-matched, but most things seem to actually be made in house.

Sliders is pretty new on the Victoria food scene. It's occupying a pretty difficult location - vaguely near Hillside mall and Cedar Hill Rec, but not really in a great spot to be on a regular route "oh, that place looks good" customers or the mental "hmmm... where should we go" checklist.

The space feels a little bit of a mix match, which is not too surprising since it's gone through some rapid restaurant changeover  the last few years. The problem is, the overall result doesn't end up feeling very intentional or pulled together (in fact, almost like they ran out of money).  It actually feels more like a sports bar than a restaurant, although that may have been exacerbated by a Canucks game night. I kind of suspect they wanted a pub/bar license but couldn't get it...

March 25, 2011
Nothing much to say either way - fast, friendly and didn't feel rushed despite the place being packed. We did note that they don't keep ketchup on the table despite there being HP sauce. Bit weird... but maybe it was just being refilled or something.

March 25, 2011
For the record, the menu lies about pitchers of Phillips beer. I was supremely disappointed! Not sure what happened - there's signs outside saying Phillips is on tap, and it's all over the menu and the web but the waitress confessed it was no longer available. There was a sad lack of local beer, but Race Rocks was available to I can't complain too much.

I was actually pretty impressed with everything we had! My angus sliders were fabulous... the mini-burgers were clearly homemade and pretty nicely cooked although because of the homemade factor the consistency between the three was low. It would be pretty easy to have a distracted line cook and end up with something bleh. Living dangerously in the kitchen! I'm thinking since it used to be a bakery there must be an amazing bakery set up in the back, which is a bonus for the buns which I'm pretty sure are made in house (but don't quote me on that). They were certainly really fresh tasting.

One of our friends had the pulled-pork sliders and raved about them. My partner-in-food-and-life had a trio of mix-and-match sliders, one angus beef (voted the best), lamb and the crab (voted least favourite). We both had the fries, which are also made in house, thick cut and deep-fried.  We had mixed opinions - everyone else at the table loved them but I thought the oil (sunflower?) took away from the flavour a bit. I'm a fry snob.

One of the things that was amazing was the multitude of choices for sides. My PIFAL had chili, which was given a thumbs up, and one of our friends had cheese perogies which came with sour cream and were also given a thumbs up. The other friend got one of the soups which was also rated highly, along with fried chicken that looked fabulous and came with a choice of sauces on top. Four big pieces of chicken - quite a good deal!