Saturday, March 19, 2011

Solstice Café


Address: 529 Pandora Ave
Phone: (250) 475-0477
Price: On the pricier side, but only because I opted for organic milk.
Notes: Alternative-diet friendly, funky decor, community-oriented

Victoria BC

The Solstice Café has never been on my radar at all, but when wandering around downtown with a friend who is Celiac she wanted to pop in for a treat. I have the say, the art in there blew my mind! There is a beautiful totem pole tied into one of the struts, a psychedelic mural to keep you distracted while on the loo, and other giant pieces on canvas on the walls.

Although I often peruse the posters in coffee shops and on billboards, none of the posters I saw were ones I have seen before. I think this is probably an indication that this is a totally different crowd than the indie-hipster coffee shops. This is definitely more granola/yuppie-hippie scene, as evidenced by the "Hippies use back door, no exceptions!" sign. I'm not sure this is really my scene anymore (sigh. I'm getting so old!) but it does look like a good, comfy place for a long coffee date.

March 19, 2011
Friendly and helpful, but laid back. The barista took my order and my friend's order at the same time and simultaneously up-sold me on organic milk while grabbing my friend a piece of gluten free carrot cake from the back that wasn't sharing a container with non gluten free items.

March 19, 2011
My coffee was really quite good. I swear I could taste the difference in the organic milk, but that might be a bit of placebo effect. I was curious to know what kind of coffee they were serving, and it looks like a custom Fernwood Coffee Company blend. No wonder it was so delicious!  


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