Monday, November 28, 2011

Ferris' Oyster Bar: Downstairs

Address: 536 A Yates St.
Phone: (250) 360-1824
Price: $10-20 for a main
Notes: A little something for everyone. Hands down the best value in town! Don't forget to try the brownie. Reservations recommended on busy nights.

Oh, I do so love this place. Love love love love LOVE! There is nothing on the menu I don't like. It was a gateway to shellfish. I learned I love beer here. My partner-in-food-and-life and I had our first official date here. We have shared it with so many people and will share it with many more because it's just so delicious! 

There are so many things I recommend on the menu I don't know where to start... try the iced tea. It's real, but it's addictive and it's bottomless. Be careful though, you may end up so full from your meal that you'll wish you hadn't had so much liquid. For an appetizer, I recommend the baked oyster because it is wrapped in bacon and will convert even the most anti-seafood person (allergies not included). If you're feeling like something on the healthy side, the curry-feta-spinach salad rocks my world to the core. If not, the burgers have been at times my very favourite although because they are hand made the quality does vary. I love to get the burger with "the fire works." BTW: a "side" of fries is a large bowl. A "large" is so big it would do a table of four. Definitely try the sweet potato fries although if you're not sure get them mixed... with a trio of dips! And, of course, even if you don't think you have room, do the brownie. You won't regret it.

The place itself is long and skinny and brick brick brick. Outfitted with little booths for each set of customers (this is a recent addition. apparently the owner said "everyone always requests a booth so let's make them all booths!"). Art covers the walls features pugs and old fringe festival posters. In the summer, the outside patio is deeeeevine!

I have heard people complain about the service here, but we have only ever had one bad server in all the years we've worked here and she didn't last long. Everyone else super friendly and chatty and awesome. The owner takes a little while to warm up, but he's lovely. Our meal got delayed one time because the eggs were over cooked and he sent them back to the kitchen. High standards, that man - I approve! 

November 13, 2011


This was my first time trying clams. I think I won the prize! (This is like cracker jacks, right? I was really brave and ate him.) We were entertaining a guest from out of town, so I had to put on a brave face. The guest had garlic & onion allergies so we just got the clams with "pulled" (melted) butter. I enjoyed them more than I thought I would. Apparently I enjoy shellfish of all varieties!

Baked Oysters via

Worked our way up to raw oysters (also something I had never tried) with baked oysters. I have had these before! We had two texas (spicy!) two rockefellar (standard sans hollandaise) one websters (pesto) and one downtown (leeks & mushrooms, sage & garlic). 

Pulled Pork Poutine via

So we had always kind of lamented that Ferris's didn't have gravy. Such epic fries and no gravy seemed like sacrilege! They have fixed this in the best way possible: not just the most delicious gravy I have Ever had - a chicken rosemary whiskey gravy - but they have also acquired cheese curds to make a poutine! Epic. While this was a pulled pork poutine, I have to say that the pulled pork did not quite have enough seasoning to stand up against the rest of the dish and I personally would just get plain poutine if I was to order it again. 

First time trying oysters! Again, not nearly as bad as I had though. I had always been told how much they taste like ocean, and that is true, but there was quite a meaty taste and texture to them as well which I was not expecting. It's taken the better part of a decade, but my conversion to comfort with seafood may just be complete!

February 2011
I can't believe it, but it may have been more than two years since we have been here. Not for lack of love, we just got hooked on going upstairs and then stopped eating out for a while. But we're back - and it's like we never left.

Crab and Salmon dip via

I'm not such a bit fan of salmon, but this dip worked quite well! There was something really smokey and savoury in there, but we were sharing it with friends and catching up so I didn't have too much time to taste it through. It only came with one pita, but the waiter brought us another when he noticed it as empty and we still had lots of dip left. It was served with a lemon wedge which we didn't use, but I think it would have brought out flavours nicely if we had!

This was actually the appetizer special, but they sounded really good! Unfortunately, they were probably one of the weakest things I've ordered here. Which isn't to say they were bad - just not quite as amazing as I was expecting! They look kind of gross in the picture but I think that's mostly bad flash. It kind of made me feel better to eat them out, because I always get frustrated when my homemade salad rolls fall apart but these were no different! They were served with a most fabulous sauce, however... sweet and salty with a touch of peanut and soy sauce. 

Sweet Potato Fries & Ginger Mayo via

Mmmmmm these fries are so tasty! There's almost nothing you can say. They always cook them so perfectly. I do love the mixed fries too, but it's been so long I thought I would be a pureist and get these ones. FYI: I know that some people remember that they used to be cooked in peanut oil, but this is no longer the case. 

We copped out on the brownie. I'm regretting it now. Will have to return soon to fulfill the craving!

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