Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Address: 3624 Shelbourne Street
Phone: (250) 598-3711
Website: fujiya.ca
Price: ~$5 per item
Notes: way better than fridge sushi, reasonably priced

Fujiya Sushi in Victoria

Fujiya is half way in between proper sushi and convenience grocery store sushi. It isn't quite the best, but it's cheap(ish) and quick. Housed within a small Japanese grocery, the stock is always ticking over meaning that you don't get that gross, over-refrigerated mess you often find when opting for sushi instead of fast food.

It's certainly not the quality you get at really good sushi places, and it's not really that much cheaper, but it is high on the convenience factor.

April 12, 2011

I am always a little bit leery of weird fusion rolls. This one was a gamble - but it paid off. The meat was really nicely spiced, and the vegetables went nicely together. The meat and flavours reminded me of bulgogi, the meat from Korean BBQ. Oh man do I need to do a Korean BBQ review... mmmmm.

Spicy Tuna Roll via foodspotting.com
This was a poor excuse for a spicy tuna roll. I've had their spicy tuna before, and it's been better than this by far so perhaps it was just a bad day. The spicy sauce wasn't, it was just mayo really. The tuna was sub-par as well today. However, I would try it again before giving up for good. 

Tuna & Salmon Sashimi via foodspotting.com
This was probably the weakest link, sadly, as when I'm craving sushi my body is really crying out for some raw slices of tuna. Actually, the salmon was pretty decent, but the tuna was sliced so thin and still partially frozen. For $6 it works out to $1/slice. When you compare this to 8 slices of thick, delicious, perfect sashimi for $9 at somewhere like Shiki Sushi it doesn't really compare.


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