Thursday, April 7, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Plenty Epicurean Pantry CLOSING

Address: 1034 Fort Street


I was very sad this week to hear that Plenty was closing! While walking home, I popped in to see if there were some good deals to be had. There is lots of stuff gone gone gone, but still plenty (ha!) left. The discounts is 30% now, but apparently will continue to get higher until they finally close on April 21st. I walked away with some ingredients to make tamales, which I have been craving since ¡Oral√©! closed. May go back closer to for some cook books...

The good news is that Hillary's Cheese, a local producer and seller of other local cheeses is going in there, so although I will miss Plenty, especially as I had only just discovered it in the last six months and feel like I never truly got to appreciate it, i am looking forward to good cheese!


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