Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub

 Address: 308 Catherine Street
Phone: (250) 386-2739
Price: $6-16
Notes: Victoria's original brewpub. Great prices, great view, great value!

Spinnakers, the 3rd Pub Stop

I can't believe it took me so long to find this pub. I think the 'gastro' part is out done by the 'brewpub' part... so until I came to fully appreciate beer it wasn't really on my radar. The best part about Spinnakers is the cask beer is on tap Monday-Friday every afternoon until it runs out. Delicious, delicious cask beer. Well worth checking out!

Spinnakers has grown to be something of a conglomerate of awesomeness. Now only do they have the brewpub, but also off-sales, liquor stores (which don't carry Spinnakers beer... colour me confused/sad), Guesthouses and Sips Artisan Bistro.

The decor is ever so slight nautical, but it's definitely a casual feeling place. Truth be told, can't really remember the last time I ate in the downstairs/more pubby part, we usually end up in the upstairs/more bar part. I think part of that is that this is where the casks are, and the special events which are usually a good reason to go. Also, the view is just that much more spectacular!

April 26, 2011
For the first time in a long time I felt like there was almost too much service! We were checked on often, and someone even popped by to snag our ketchup and vinegar moments after the other server put it down because she thought we were already finished. However, we weren't offered dessert - which was okay since what we really wanted was truffles, and those are better to get downstairs at the 'gift shop' anyhow.

April 26, 2011

Spinnakers Ale (Cask) via

Oh man am I ever glad I won the "who's driving/who's drinking" rock-paper-scissors tonight! This was so delicious. It reminded me of the sweet taste of honeysuckles from my grandpa's garden when I was a little girl. 

Beet and Potato Pakoras via

I was ever so slightly disappointed in these. They were really more like vegetable kebabs than pakoras, to be nit-picky. The beet is super creative though so bonus points there, and the chutney was amazing. I think a touch more curry spice would have made them that much better. 

Bangers and Smash via

This was my partner-in-food-and-life's dish. We realized afterwards that it was unusual in that the gravy wasn't the most important part of the traditional bangers and mash although it was noticeably absent. The sausages were very British sausagey, which makes sense since they were from Orr's, the scottish butchers. The mustard on the side was phenomenal, and worked very well. The potatoes were smashed, no mashed, which we found out means that they were slightly pan fried. 

Local Mushroom Trencher via

I really liked this dish, but I'm not sure the perceived value is there. When  a piece of toast and mushrooms and cheese is the same price as a fully-loaded burger. They could have made it a dollar less, or the burger a dollar more, or even make it just a touch bigger with the bread cut in two and I probably wouldn't have noticed. It was very tasty if you're a mushroom fan like I am! The sauces combined with the mushrooms meshed really well with the onions and garlic hidden together.

These fries are the Perfect fries. They were fresh cut, perfectly seasoned with pepper, perfectly salted and perfectly cooked. They would make an amazing poutine (hint hint!).

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