Monday, June 9, 2014

Cold Comfort

Address: 2 – 1115 North Park Street (next to the Parsonage)
Price: $15 for one pint with discounts for multiple pints, $10 for two ice cream sandwiches
Notes: Incredible local ice cream available at HQ or at select market/store locations

Autumn, the owner of Cold Comfort ice cream, has taken the Victoria dessert scene by storm in the last few years. She started out making ice cream at her gig at Devour. She moved on to making ice cream full time in 2011, first delivering door-to-door and at markets before starting to sell wholesale and as of spring 2014 operating a full time ice cream shop on the edge of Fernwood and North park!

Her wares include an ever-changing list of pints and ice cream sandwiches. The only constant flavour is vanilla bean, everything else is constantly changing based on seasonality and the whim of their creator, wracking up a list of very curious flavours! Since moving to her new Headquarters where she is the sole proprietor of her kitchen she has the ability to do special batches for allergies as well, as well as consistently offering a delicious range of dairy free options.

New releases of flavours, specials (like a slice of pie & ice cream for $5) and special ice cream cakes are frequently posted on the Cold Comfort Facebook page.

In June of 2013 I sat down and recorded a podcast episode with Autumn where she talked about her favourite flavours and history in the Victoria food scene. Check it out here.

June 9, 2014
Vanilla Bean & Blueberry "ice cream"

When I realized I hadn't updated this post since 2011 I was shocked. This is silly, as we nearly always have a pint of Cold Comfort in our freezer (like this one!), and splitting an ice cream sandwich (or not as the case might be) has become a regular treat. We can't go back to regular ice cream anymore... truly spoiled!

November 5, 2011
Crimson and Clover Pint via

I have been chasing down different flavours of Cold Comfort all summer, but I am extremely excited that Autumn has partnered with Leon from my neighbourhood store, Aubergine, to sell her ice cream. I have picked up severa flavours of ice cream and sandwiches over the last few weeks, although it has been selling out fast so tracking down this flavour in particular took a few tries!

Totally worth the wait! Subtle cinnamon and clove spices in the ice cream, plus vermouth-soaked cranberries sprinkled throughout. Stellar flavour for the season!

May 28, 2011
Coffee & Danish Ice Cream Sandwich

Oh my goodness! Now this was a foodgasm. I'm sorry the picture was so terrible. Either my camera lens needs cleaning or this thing was so close to godliness the camera couldn't focus on it. I'm voting for the latter... we were moaning with pleasure around the rest of the market. 

The cookie on the outside was kind of like a brown sugar cookie, maybe like the crunchy top of a butter tart. The inside was a combination of caffe fantastico coffee and foi epi danish. Yes, probably 13,000 calories but worth every single morsel! 

May 22, 2011
Fresh Mint & Dark Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

This was my partner-in-food-and-life's choice. I had a bite (naturally. sadly only one!) and the mint was ever-so fresh and blew far away the idea you have in your head about mint ice cream. The chocolate cookie on the outside was also amazing quality. I love the shape of this - thick and chunky!

Cheese Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

I originally going to go with the blueberry ice cream with lavender oatmeal cookies (if I recall correctly). Autumn was very sweet and warned that the ice cream was "a bit crystalline" because of all the blueberries. I was still sold until I heard about the "one lonely" cream cheese cake ice cream sandwich hiding in her truck. I do love me a good piece of cheese cake, and I loved this sandwich! The ice cream was perfect because it wasn't too sweet, and was set off nicely by the chocolate sandwich.