Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guest Post - Local Dog Treats

Today's "guest" post is on behalf of our Schnauzer-Husky rescued from Mexico through

Ella Vader

Not only is there quite a lot of local people food in this town, but there are quite a lot of local treats for our four-legged best friends as well. We thought it might be a good "guest" post to discuss some of the options for local dog treats!

The Scruffy Dog Barkery
Available at Koffi, Niagara Grocery, Fairfield Market, Creatures Great and Small, K9HQ Doggie Daycare, and The Red Barn Market and currently available at the James Bay Market for the summer
Being a scruff dog herself, the Scruffy Dog Barkery treats are obviously her favourite! It's the highlight of her walk to Koffi. The ones we've had (so far) are perfectly small and crunchy - bite sized, even. However, they make quite a wide variety of foods from cakes to pupsicles, scones and muffins.
  • We are currently chatting with Ursula at the Scruffy Dog about organizing a regular "Scruffy Dog Walk" - current plan for the first one is to meet June 12th at Macauley Point in Esquimalt. For details keep in touch via twitter @jenarr & @TheScruffyDog 

Spinnakers has dog cookies available at the same counter as the truffles and people treats. These treats are hard and pretty big. Even half a cookie is bigger than a regular small cookie. Last time we gave half of one of these to Ella, she put it in her mouth and ran around in circles whining. Cute!

The Dog Butler Café
Available at the Summer Market in the Square, Sundays in Spirit Square
While on our semi-weekly crawl of the downtown farmers/craft markets we discovered a new dog treat table featuring dog-friendly pizzas. Ella is a semi-professional Pizza Hunter, so this was our choice today and she was sniffing at the bag pretty hardcore all the way to the tea shop - I'm pretty sure she knew it was for her! They also had what I think was food (weren't too clear) and other treats available as well including a few freebies too.

High End Dog
Dragon Alley, Chinatown, #3 532 1/2 Fisgard St
Clayton at High End Dog is so dog friendly, it's pretty ridiculous! I swear he gives away more treats to dog than he sells. His store has lots of dog toys & accessories, although mostly for smaller dogs, as well as home made dog treats. Dogs are allowed off-leash in the store and begging is pretty much encouraged.

Ella's favourite is his hand-made dried beef, chicken and liver! A decent sized bag (several hundred grams at least) is in the $4-5 range. He also has a bakery selection of "cookies" "cakes" and "chocolates" etc.


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