Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kaz Sushi

Address: 1619 Store Street
Phone: (250) 386-9121
Price: Less than $5 for most rolls.
Notes: Open Late. Spicy tuna is great, skip the rest. Except they Reportedly have mochi...

kaz sushi, victoria

We used to love it here - for the longest time it was our favourite sushi in town! We were always greeted with the friendly "Irasshaimase!" upon entering. The sushi was always incredible and the sushi chef would watch you eat your food and be just so happy when you enjoyed it. It was small, but almost never too busy and we never left unsatisfied.

I'm pretty sure they are under new ownership, and this time not for the better. The service seems to have gone downhill along with the quality and I feel like they're catering to a very cookie cutter crowd. "Ok we'll make this easy/common stuff really tasty but we're not too sure about the more out there things."

June 16, 2011
The service was pretty awkwardly bad. I almost feel bad complaining about it... I kind of knew it wasn't going to be good when they said our friends had not made reservations and we said we weren't sure how many people were coming but it was probably around 8 and his eyes got Really Big. Then there was a panicked sounding phone call while he rapidly wiped our tables.

Really slow on things that shouldn't be slow (salads? they should be faster than tempura). Forgotten food that wasn't even apologized for when pointed out (it just never came). No offer of dessert (I really wanted to try the mochi!). Suggestions of substitutions that didn't quite make sense for the things absent from the menu. Bah! I almost felt bad for the sushi chef. He looked Very Serious and I want to say sad at the clear disorganization and chaos going on around him.


June 16, 2011
My food was overall pretty good, but pretty middle of the road. I'm kind of sad, I did really love it here when we used to come.  

Spicy Tuna Sashimi via
The spicy tuna sauce is the absolute highlight of Kaz! I'm so glad it's still the same. This is CHILI with mayo. Spicy! Someone at our table called it a "double kick" spice. I love it!

Sunomono Salad via

This was the low point of my meal. Serious low. I'm pretty sure there was no vinegar in the liquid in this, and even though the menu gave a choice of shrimp, octopus or crab but I wasn't asked and ended up without any meat. It isn't necessary... I just realized once I go it that I would have preferred some taco. Mmmm... 

Spicy Tuna Roll via

More of the spicy sauce, but the quality of the tuna mixed in was clearly poor quality. I understand using the least fancy cut of fish, but it almost tasted fishy. This is not okay!

Tunacado Roll via

This was actually pretty good! I love the black sesame, it added a really nice flavour. The tuna was a very nice cut. Would order again!

Assorted Tempura via

I do love me some good tempura, and this was quite tasty! I love the contrast between crunchiness on the outside and the vegetables on the inside. 


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