Friday, June 24, 2011

PSA: Fernwood Bites

Highlights from 2011:

  • Awesome nerdery from Discovery Coffee. (3 methods including a mypressi using OJ instead of water!)
  • Just Fabulous coffee from the Parsonage (not surprising... Canadian Barista Champion and all!)
  • Fab bobtapus from Stage (grilled chorizo and octopus kebob). Perfect texture! First to sell out, I think... (whether this was demand or poor planning hard to tell!)
  • The beef + kimchi + cucumber skewer from Kulu (spice-tastic! looking forward to the new menu)
  • The INCREDIBLE boerewors from Aubergine
  • The melt-in-your-mouth strawberry and rhubarb tart from Paprika Bistro (such a talented young chef!)
  • Stellar chevre from Hilary's Cheese (duly noted for more summer salads!)
  • Way too many beer & wine places to keep track of all the good stuff ;)

This just in - Fernwood Bites 2011 is Sold Out! Stay tuned for next year and thanks for supporting Fernwood!

I'm very much looking forward to this event - I heard nothing but phenomenal things last year and I'm sure it is only going to be better this year!

The lovely Linley (@linleyjena) has five great reasons why you should buy a ticket to Fernwood Bites and support the amazing work of the Fernwood NRG!

In less than a week, the Fernwood Neighborhood Resource Group (NRG) will hold their 2nd annual fundraiser Fernwood Bites!

The event provides and opportunity for the community to sample some of the finest local food and drink Southern Vancouver Island has to offer while supporting a vibrant community organization.

Last year’s event raised significant funds for the various programs and projects initiated by the Fernwood NRG.  If the attraction of delicious food and drinks isn’t enough to bring you to the event, below are 5 reasons why the Fernwood NRG deserves your support.

5 Reasons to Support the Fernwood NRG
  1. Promotes Environmental SustainabilitySpring Ridge Common(s)
    Spring Ridge Commons - Partnered with Transition Victoria Food Group, the Fernwood NRG’s Food Security Collective is taking joint leadership in supporting Victoria’s oldest and largest public permaculture garden!  The Commons is a space intended for community members to participate in local foods and community gardening as well as to enjoy and eat food grown in the area.  This initiative links to the first point listed in the Fernwood NRG’s Statement of Principles and Values, which is a strong commitment “to creating a socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable neighbourhood.”
  2. Supports Community Art

    Fernwood Pole PaintingRecently, the Fernwood NRG received attention for bringing together around 300 volunteers to paint just over 100 telephone poles throughout the neighbourhood.  The event team provided the paints, brushes, and stencils to the community artists and celebrated with a barbeque and live music. Take a drive through Fernwood and see the artistic delights yourself.
  3. Loves children and babies
    Across from Victoria High School on Fernwood Rd., Victoria, BC
    The Fernwood NRG supports two centres – the Infant & Toddler Centre and the 3-5 Year-Old Care.  Both programs provide a neighborhood-based educational environment.  On top of that, the organization supports various programs for parents and parents to be.  Mother Goose, Best Babies, Help I Have Kids, Parent & Tot and Parent & Babe offers families in the community an opportunity to find support and activities for their children.

  4. Operates Cornerstone Café
    The Cornerstone Cafe
    I love Cornerstone Café.  All income from the Café is reinvested back into the community through Fernwood NRG’s services and programs.  The food is delicious and they serve locally roasted Discovery Coffee.  The atmosphere is inclusive of all ages and is never short of happy people.  It’s pretty awesome how a community organization can provide a quality service (and supplement my caffeine addiction) which has a positive impact on the community.

  5. Creates Community Events

    Bubble Mobs - Flash Mobs FTW.  Bubble Flash Mobs….  Way to take something already awesome to another level.  The event honored Fernwood resident, Terry, a.k.a. the Bubble Man, who delights the plaza with a simple gestures of kindness in the form of bubbles.  The Fernwood NRG encouraged the community to come hang out in the plaza and enjoy the simple things in life.  Fun.  

What are you waiting for?  Buy your ticket now!  Sold out! Looking forward to next year....


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