Friday, July 1, 2011

Jessie's Juice (Sidney)

Closed as of Fall 2012

Address: 2380 Beacon Ave, Sidney
Phone: (778) 426-1606
Website: (seems to currently be down?)
Price: Under $10
Notes: Fresh-pressed juice, smoothies. Menu is vegetarian and includes vegan-friendly and raw food items.

Jessie's Juice is on the 'main drag' in Sidney, about mid-way towards the water from the highway on the left-hand side. I say this because I nearly walked right past it the first time - it's a small place with only a few steps to the counter where you can place your order. The decor is bright, lit up by a huge storefront window and accented by a classic black & white tile floor.

One thing I don't want to put too much emphasis on (because that would be weird) is that the owner also happens to be a country music star. I don't know much (anything) about country music, but she has won awards and people who do know country music seem to know who she is.

Jessie says that she started the business because she realized there was nowhere else in Sidney to get healthy juice and smoothies made from fresh, as-local-as-possible food, and she wanted to bring that to her community.

The list of juices on the menu is pretty extensive, and they have cute names (as you would expect). The ingredients are simple, often local (from her backyard local), always fresh and tasty! The menu does have seasonal specials, posted on the chalk board, and you are always welcome to "freestyle" (make your own). You can choose from two sizes, although I usually opt for the larger because I'm always left wanting more!

June 5, 2011
Jessie is nearly always working when I've been in there, and I have to say she seems like a very cool lady! Super friendly, even when busy. I like how truly sincere she is when she tells you she hopes you enjoy your beverage.

June 5, 2011

Endless Summer via

I was hoping this Endless Summer would kick start the weather to agree, however that doesn't seem to have worked. I've lost track of what was in this one - and what was in it. Oranges for sure, I think possibly some mango? Either way, it was tasty. Mmmmmm!