Monday, July 4, 2011

Organic Fair (Cobble Hill)

Address: 1935 Doran Rd, Cobble Hill
Phone: (888) 223 2770
Price: less than $10
Notes: lunch menu available weekends, as well as ice cream, spices and (of course) chocolate

You probably know the Organic Fair logo from one of their incredible chocolate bars available everywhere fine chocolate is sold. They also make some really fabulous spice rubs and seasonings. This summer you can now visit their beautiful farm in Cobble Hill and  engage in a little bit of agro-tourism.

The proprietress, Marissa, describes the food as "modern country food." The menu selection when we visited included salads, soups and a sandwich. Apparently they are planning to build up their food as the summer goes on and the bounty from their farm kicks in to high gear. Check in with their website, Facebook or Twitter for updates to the menu.

I was really excited to visit, and I wasn't disappointed. Organic Fair kind of captures the epitome of what I want to highlight with this blog: small, local business people producing really great product locally, sustainably and ethically.

July 3, 2011
We were greeted by a very friendly and knowledgable staff person. She answered all of our questions - and some we didn't ask - about the products and the overall farm. I saw on twitter that we were not the only food people lured in by the menu this long weekend, and several others visited and it sounds like they had lovely chats with one of the owners - we must have just missed her. I suspect having a young family, running a farm, a large-scale chocolate company and now some food service takes up more than a little bit of time! 

As for the actual food service - it is the one part of the experience that is still finding its balance a little bit. Just the flow is a little bit weird, not that the service was bad! Little things, like it wasn't super clear where to go to see the lunch menu and order (answer: into the little chocolate-tasting room).  The self-service aspect of the food delivery somehow felt out of place in such a nice setting - but I think it was more just that it's beautiful and feels like you're at fancy restaurant so it's not really a legitimate criticism. 

July 3, 2011
I had some really gorgeous pictures of this food but sadly my iPhone has had a total meltdown and I fear I have lost them! So sad, as the food was very attractive looking! Also kind of sad that we were still really full from a late breakfast and there was absolutely No Room for ice cream. Oh well, we will just have to come back...

The highlight of my meal was the Posole - a simple chicken (in this case apparently a rooster) soup with cumin, oregano as well as fresh lime, cilantro and cabbage on top. So savoury with a touch of spice - I am excited to try to replicate this at home! It was incredible. I also had a potato salad, although it was way larger than I expected (I was imagining a small side, bit was more like a meal on its own!). It had a really nice balsamic vinegar, and was whole or half small potatoes, not mashed.

My partner-in-food-and-life had the coleslaw, which was creamy with really fresh cabbage and some brilliant corn - even I enjoyed it and I'm not a coleslaw fan at all! The deviled egg trio wasn't quite as well received, which is too bad because they were my main bribery tactic for the detour - no specific comments just that they didn't quite satisfy the craving (I didn't try them as I Detest deviled eggs).

I also picked up some "Mythic Molé" organic spice rub. Hello my molé friend! I often make this amazing chile and am currently out of mole paste so I am looking forward to substituting some of this stuff! Tonight I just used it as intended... spice rub on some chicken, barbecued. The spice isn't too hot (more on the medium side) but on the barbecue it made the skin crisp and char in lovely ways and the flavours mingled quite well with a side of black bean & corn salsa/salad.


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