Saturday, July 16, 2011


Address: 852 Fort Street
Phone: (250) 480-1055
Price: ~$10-20/dish
Notes: fundamentally spectacular service & delicious curry. $20 3-course special Tuesday & Wednesday. Lunch buffet Thursday & Friday.


I put off visiting the Spicejammer for a really long time. I think it was their lunch special sign that read "curry in a hurry" that put me off (for some reason it just made me think of going needing to the bathroom). It was also hard to figure out which of the two Indian restaurants in almost the same block of Fort St. is the one that people rave about (it's possible that it's both that are really good - I haven't visited the India Curry House yet).

The I quite like the decor of the Spice Jammer - it's simple, and nothing super fancy, but because there are no windows, and somewhat dark lighting with little lights on faux-trees you kind of feel transported to another city, or time of day. It's a little bit magical! The layout is a little bit unorthodox- you enter, pass by the bar and enter into the 'cave like' main area. The server told us the space used to be a bank - which makes sense.

July 8, 2011
This was some of the best service that I've found at a restaurant ever. The service was very consistent across employees - something that is rarer than it should be. I smell good leadership! They were not too informal, but you absolutely had their full attention and eye contact when they were serving you, and I noticed they very intentionally checked in with everyone at the table. Our original server worked with us to decide which menu items to pick, and in which combinations with great results!

July 8, 2011

Beef & Jalapeno Stuffed Naan via

Stuffed Naan is a "house specialty" here - and well worth buying into the upsell! The beef adds a little texture, and the jalapeno added a nice spice. I almost wish we'd gone one step further and added the garlic on as well for extra decadence.

Chilli Prawns via

We got these "hot" (not even extra suicide hot) and it was as promised! There were spicy green peppers (I think serranos, but they might have been jalapenos) cut in half mixed in with regular bell peppers. I love it when that beat of sweat breaks out on my forehead. Mmmm! Of course, by the time I got to the end my taste buds had adjusted and it didn't feel quite so spicy. 

Chicken Korma via

We both wished we'd gotten this one in medium instead of hot - a bit of a creamier, less spicy dish would have balanced out the super spice of the chilli prawns better. However, as a stand-alone dish it was very nice! 

Spiced Rice via

While you can get regular rice, we got the fancy 'pilau' rice, with saffron, cinnamon, cardamom and cumin. For less than $1 difference, it's absolutely worth it!

This is one of my most favourite desserts ever! Soft dough is worked into dense, spiced little doughnuts which are deep-fried and topped with a sugar (honey?) sauce.  The balls were a bit more spiced than I've had before, with the result reminding me a little bit of a timbit. Mmmmm!

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