Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quadra Village Butcher

Address: 2618 Quadra st
Phone: (250) 361-1200
Price: cheaper than thriftys, better quality
Notes: great service & prices!

The Quadra Village Butcher is technically my local butcher although I am ashamed to say I usually get lazy at Fairway's across the road and opt for one-stop shopping instead of jay-walking a few feet and buying my meat here. I really should though - I cannot count how many times I've spent many agonizing minutes comparing cuts of meat, researching on my phone or just giving up and calling my partner-in-food-and-life to tell me which is better because I don't want to come home with the wrong cut of beef again. I know it shouldn't be that hard, but I cannot seem to keep 'striploin' and 'sirloin' straight in my head!

The unique thing about this butcher is that they have halal meat and grocery products. For people who follow Islamic law, this might be the only place to purchase meat they can eat and judging from the line up at 3 pm on a thursday, it is a niche that is well served. The meat is also grass-fed & hormone free which definitely affects the taste. The ownership has changed hands in the last little while (year? maybe more. time flies) but I hadn't actually visited before so I can't really speak to the comparison.

August 25, 2011
I arrived feeling slightly under-dressed in my summer skirt and sandals - especially compared to some of the modestly dressed other customers. I was nervous I would be seen as disrespectful, but the owners son was extremely friendly and helpful and I instantly felt at ease. He was pretty young (that's getting more and more relative, but I'm pretty sure he is still in high school... I would ID him) but so respectful and confident running the shop you could have thought he owned the place. The customer before me needed some assistance bagging his groceries up, and it wasn't even a question or the slightest suggestion that it might be an imposition despite the line forming behind him. When it came to choosing my meat, he carefully helped me select the type and even up-sold me on slightly thicker steaks. Impressed!

August 25, 2011
I'm pretty sure the price was way better than the grocery store - I'm half scared he gave me the wrong price, actually. I walked away with four thick rib-eye steaks for $20 (9.50 a pound). I was comparing that with the price for "Alexander Campbell Signature" strip loin advertised at Thriftys which was on sale for 11.99 a pound this week.

Rib eye (rare) via
Rib Eye (cooked) via

They cooked up pretty well - unfortunately we had two barbecues in two days and cooking nice steaks on an unfamiliar barbecue while trying to be social is a recipe for disaster! Just a hair past medium rare is a hair too far sometimes... your mileage may vary, of course. The flavour of the meat was good, especially with a good sear! Lots of juiciness even with being a bit well done. I am always afraid to buy things with that much fat, but I learned my lesson - it really does help the meat be soft and melty in your mouth! There was minimal waste, actually which I think speaks to the quality!


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