Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mu Tsuki-An

Address: 2075 Cadboro Bay Rd
Phone: (250) 595-0378
Price: $6.25 for a california roll
Notes: A family run hole-in-the wall with great quality and a peaceful atmosphere.

Mu Tsuki-An can be found on the Saanich/Oak Bay/Victoria border, right next to Oak Bay High School. The space is small, but tranquil. A few small tables in the space, a small, open kitchen and that's pretty much it. 

The sushi bar is run by the owner, a very lovely woman who takes great pride in her restaurant. The quality here is pretty phenomenal - I've never had a sub-par cut of fish. The menu is a little bit small, but everything is very classy and classic.

August 5, 2011
The service was very good as always. The one thing of note - they close pretty early for dinner (7:30) so our post-dinner was cut short by their closing time. Perhaps not the best choice of places if you're looking to linger. 

August 5, 2011
Small Sunomono Salad via

The nice thing about the sunomono salads here is that you can choose your size - this was the small. At the time I was wishing for more, by we were defeated by our food so by the end I was happy not to have too much! This was a bit sweeter than I prefer my sunomono but it was still very tasty!

The "Kenny" roll was a tuna and avocado roll. This is one of my favourite combinations - the texture goes well together. I also picked it because our dinner companion was new-ish to sushi, and it's a good one to try to get past the initial weirdness about eating raw fish and begin to recognize that it's the best thing in the whole world. 

The crab roll was the choice of our dinner companion. It isn't something I typically order, actually but it was quite delicious. This is their 'real crab' version of the California roll - definitely tastier than I've had with pollock. The texture of the crab meat was very good!

Inari Sushi via

Inari is a weird thing for me to eat considering soy is not my friend, but the last time we were here we had this as part of one of their combos and so I decided to give it a try! They are very delicious. The sweetness of the soybean on the outside and the savoury sauce on the rice on the inside is just a perfect balance. 

Spicy Scallop Roll via

The scallops here are Hokkaido scallops imported from Japan. I'm not sure if this has changed since the Earthquake or not. The texture is pretty incredible - less like snot, a much more dense texture. The spiciness is good here too, although not my favourite in town it's pretty close. 

We finished with some Nigiri. The nice thing about here is that they make their own vinegar complete with imported Japanese sea salt. It makes for very nice rice! Mmmmm.