Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ross Bay Pub

Address: 7-1516 Fairfield Rd.
Phone: (250) 370-1152
Price: Less than $15 for most entrees
Notes: Solid menu, good specials and music bingo on Saturday nights.

I have been a fan of the Ross Bay Pub for ages now. It always had a good menu, the space is pretty cosy and the prices are pretty reasonable. Unlike some of the other pubs in town, the menu hits all of the proper pub menu points - burgers, pizza, classics and appies with a wide selection of craft beers. The one weird thing that we both noticed is that the menu itself is backwards. The appies and such are on the right, the mains are on the left. We were both a little baffled, but their psychology might have worked, I ended up ordering an appetizer with a salad and making it into a meal.

The decor wobbles on the edge of being a little bit cookie-cutter, but somehow manages to not feel like a parody of a chain restaurant. I think it's the booths with the multi-coloured fabric that makes it feel that way for me. There is also an epic amount of beer memorabilia on the wall that at first glance feels standard, but when I actually examined it I think it was pulled together very intentionally and/or from someone's personal collection.

September 19, 2011
The service was pretty average today. Friendly, helpful but very, very relaxed. The weirdest thing was, the back half of the restaurant was half full, and it was a Monday night and we got informed that we might need to move from a booth of four if a group came in. I could understand if it was fuller, or there weren't other booths and banks of tables available. She was nice about it, though.

September 19, 2011
Caesar Salad
Opted for a side caesar today because I've been low on my vegetable intake lately. It was quite fabulous! The flavours were very distinct, not too much dressing and the fresh lemon really made it zesty and nummy. I haven't ordered caesar salad at a Pub in a while because I got tired of soggy greens and powdered parmesan but this renewed my faith!

Meatball Sliders
This was a nicely presented dish - gives me lots of ideas for an appetizer for our next party. One giant meatball per slider, a bit of cheese and some sourdough buns all worked really well together. The meatballs weren't too chipotle tasting but the sauce was nice. The meatballs themselves were a little bit hit and miss - some of them were a bit crunchy on the outside, but after getting through the crunchy exterior they were very moist and soft on the inside. 

Roast Beef Special
This was the special of the evening - it's on the list for every Monday night and it was a great deal for $11! Really nicely grilled veggies on the side, fabulous mashed potatoes, a mustard-infused gravy and paper thin roast beef. This makes me want to come back for the prime rib special night!

Bacon Wrapped Marshmallows
This was actually on the appetizer menu, but I think it could have gone either as a dessert or an appy. We opted for the dessert option because it sounded too sweet for pre-dinner food. I think we made the right call.I hate doing this, but... this fancy dish was only on the menu for a few days. However - I think it more expresses that the chef has creativity so I expect more interesting dishes to come.

It was a great deal - $7 for six large marshmallows wrapped in perfectly cooked, salty bacon and drizzled in a bourbon caramel sauce. The caramel sauce could have been too sweet, but there was some spice in there to help balance that out. We are going to attempt to replicate this at home some day soon!