Wednesday, October 26, 2011

John's Place

Address: 732 Pandora Ave.
Phone: (250) 389-0711
Price: $6-13 main
Notes: A Victoria institution for home-style cooking. Low prices and a casual atmosphere.

John's Place (Victoria, BC)

John's Place is a classic diner in the cookie-cutter sense of the word. It has a crazy amount of tables packed into a relatively small space, lined at the edges by booths. The walls are covered with photographs of stars, friends, family and local celebrities.

John's Place is connected to the Siegel family, owners of such establishments as the 5th Street Bar & Grill and Paggliacci's. The place does have the air of old-school that is appealing.

September 27, 2011
Our server clearly knew what her job was - right down to flattering my mother-in-law that she in no way resembled a senior and that really all they meant was "small portion." She took away all of my built up teasing of her choice for the meatloaf, as it is the truth - she looks much younger than her 60 years.

Dinner was not exactly quick to arrive, but it wasn't slow either. The price was right, though. For three of us (no drinks) it was under $40 before tip.

As a result of our eco-friendly two-seater car choice, I ended up having to wait for my partner-in-food-and-life to give my mother-in-law a ride home rather than make her wait for the bus in the pouring rain and I ordered a coffee while I waited. The fact that it was on the house made me happy, and despite the comments on foursquare I thought the coffee was pretty good!

September 27, 2011

This was on the specials menu as an appetizer - otherwise there are no appy options on the menu. They were pretty tasty, although filled us up a bit too much for the huge meal that lay ahead of us and meant we had no room for dessert, which was a shame because the dessert selection looked absolutely fantastic!

Rib Eye of the Tiger via

This sandwich was amaaaaazing! It's been far too long between my visit and this post but the tastiness stands out in my memory extremely vividly. It came with two options for sauce, but I opted for the blue cheese which was totally worth it. The bread was also amazing. I am pretty sure it was made in house. I would have this again for sure, although I would be tempted to save half for lunch the next day rather than power through the whole thing - it was epic proportions for the price.