Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sunnyside Cafe

Address: 1234 Esquimalt Rd (best address ever!)
Phone: (250) 590-2412
Price: er... I forgot to notice. I think a bit less than 'average.' I'm pretty sure my bill was $10 even, as i remember asking for change in order to leave a tip.
Notes: Tiniest breakfast place with the biggest reputation!

The Sunnyside Cafe is another one of those places that people frequently ask me if I have been to if they find out that I enjoy and/or blog about food. Unfortunately - just as it got on my radar the restaurant changed ownership so I can't compare between the past and the present. From what I had heard in the past the restaurant had been run by a group of lovely older women. When we visited it was definitely not a group of women [older or otherwise]. I confirmed the recent change of ownership — sounded like from some strategic eavesdropping and tw[itter]eavesdropping that one or more of the gentlemen involved are/were connected to Spinnakers.

The restaurant is tucked away in a long, skinny basement of an office building on Esquimalt Rd near to city hall. The 'kitchen' is really just a series of hot plates in a galley behind the front counter. There are a collection of tables and some bench seating, but not much space overall. Despite the size and the basement location, the storefront is all windows, so plenty of light and bright walls means it doesn't feel dank or crowded.

In the greater history of Victoria restaurants this was actually the site of the first Floyds, prior to the opening of the Yates st location, although it was then called Flying Floyds. The menu is small, but there are several options for bennies, traditional breakfasts as well as sandwiches. The new management has implemented daily specials as well.

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December 31, 2011
Service here is order at the counter, delivered to your table, and then table clearing. Very efficient!

December 31, 2011
Saxe Point Benny via

This was my partner-in-food-and-life's choice. Unfortunately we got really engrossed in our topic of conversation over breakfast to the point where I completely forgot to sample this... which is actually okay with me, because smoked salmon and capers are not my favourite thing ever. The price was a dollar or two lower than usual, but there were no potatoes on the side, making a more manageable, but less complete feeling meal. My PIFAL says it has been too long since we visited to remember more than an overall sense of enjoyment. Er, sorry about that...

Huevos Rancheros via

Yes, once again I was sucked into the huevos. (I am so predictable!) This one appears light on the sauces, but there was a nicely-flavoured salsa underneath the eggs. Really, this was where the dish got most of its flavour from, but the overall combination of flavours was quite pleasant. Not my favourite huevos in town, but a pleasant tasting version of the dish for sure.