Thursday, March 29, 2012


As of May 2012, Daidoco is closed in its downtown location, but has reopened under some of his staff as the Uchida Eatery. However, the owner has started a food cart that can be found at the Moss St Market!

Address: Variable
Price: Less than $10 for lunch
Notes: Look for Daidoco's new food cart at the Moss St Market!


Tucked just off Courtney street in the cute but endlessly confusing Nootka Court is Daidoco, a Japanese restaurant that serves lunch Monday to Friday. Their menu is generally small, featuring the special of the day, a side and a standard like the Tuna Don (see below!). The dishes sell out quickly - they open at 11:30, and I was there by 12:30 and they still had several options left. By the time my partner-in-food-and-life got away from the office to join, they only had one option left and by the time we left at 1, they were sold out of everything but the side and some rice balls!

Tuna Don sign

The space is quite gorgeous - exposed brick walls, soft wooden beams and plenty of natural driftwood and gentle art to contribute to a tranquil atmosphere overall. It is small - maybe a dozen tables - so fills up quickly during the lunch hour. There are several seats outside in the courtyard area, and you can also get your food to go.

We saw a sign saying "happy 7th" hanging above the cashier, and we weren't sure if this meant they had been open for seven years or if it had been a wee ones birthday recently. Certainly it hasn't been on my radar that long, but it's so tucked away who knows!

March 26, 2012
Smoked Chicken and bonito rice balls
The special of the day was smoked chicken. I have been following them on Facebook recently, so I have seen how much they really love their smoker. After tasting this, I can see why! It tasted amazing, with a delicate, delicious smokiness like bacon and the juiciness of brined chicken. The miso-sesame sauce on top rivalled Japanese Village. I opted to add on some rice balls on the side, and I am very glad I did! They said that usually they have smoked salmon ones as well, but not today. They came wrapped in a piece of nori, with a salty paste inside of bonito flakes and sesame seeds. Super tasty, and a nice switch up from plain rice.

March 26, 2012
The service here is very polite. The signs at the front of the counter indicate which specials are still left, and you order and pay. After you find a seat, your meal is delivered, but cutlery and water are self-serve.