Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sizzling Tandoor

Address: 637 Johnson St.
Phone: (250) 388-5450
Website: http://sizzlingtandoor.ca/
Price: $12 lunch buffet, $2-10 an appetizer, $15-19 for mains (with rice).
Notes: Classic curry and fusion dishes, great deal at lunch time!

Despite having walked past Sizzling Tandoor dozens of times I had never poked my head in. I was shocked to see how small it was inside - perhaps a dozen tables? Maybe a few more at night, if they move the lunch buffet tables. The walls are pea-soup/pistachio green, and the rest of the decor is a combination of modern Western (think: IKEA) and cliche Indian (think: framed decadent portraits of women in saris).

Taking a peek at the online menu, it's small but comprehensive. The lunch buffet items I saw going past me looked fantastic. I overheard a description of the stuffed naans and I am curious to try some of the more exotic combinations, such as garlic & basil. The butter chicken poutine was on the special menu, but I've seen it a number of times so I suspect it's a permanent feature, or at least as long as the poutine craze lasts! I also noticed the main menu includes another odd fusion dish - alfredo topped with a curry sauce of your choice.

June 25, 2012

Butter Chicken Poutine
Butter Chicken Poutine

People have been telling me about this for ages. With really delicious descriptions of its amazingness. They did not do it justice - and I doubt I will be able to either! 

First off, the butter chicken sauce was really, really lovely. It was the perfect consistency while also being incredibly smooth, and having cooked butter chicken from scratch I know that this is an art! The flavours were intense but subtle. I was asked how hot I wanted it, and I said hot, but didn't notice much spice at all. I'm not sure if they forgot or it's just that my tolerance is high, but it wouldn't have really been improved by more hotness, either. The fries started out quite crispy, but soaked up curry as time went on and became softer (which wasn't necessarily a bad thing). The cheese was not 'proper' cheese curds, but given that this is a fusion dish I'm not complaining... plus I prefer more melted cheese personally even if it's not "authentic" poutine! 

The price point is worth mentioning - I got the small, and it was plenty filling. At $6, it was one of the best value dishes for lunch downtown that I can think of! For those with larger appetites or going for the share, a large was only $8. 

June 25, 2012
They seemed a little short staffed for the rush of people, even though it was fairly late for lunch time (1:30). Still, the server did a really good job of making sure everyone was attended to and had what they wanted. I couldn't help but feel like he was channeling Tim Roth in Four Rooms  (at the start, not as things slowly unravel). My recognition of the resemblance in the mannerisms was instantaneous, but it took me a while to pin down exactly what they were: the stiff backed slightly exaggerated walk, formal interactions, humming under his breath while he filled my water glass etc. It probably isn't intentional, but it kept me entertained to imagine that it was!