Monday, August 20, 2012

L'Authenique Poutine & Burgers Memorial Post

Good news! L'Authentique is back!! Check them out again!

*** Please note this was a 'memorial' post: L'Authentique posted the following on their Facebook page Saturday August 18, 2012 **

We are sorry to infor everybody then we'll no be open today, tomorrow and for a long time. L'Authentique food truck burn last night at 4:30 am in left in peace without any more incidents. The concequence are not available for the moment. We already work on a futur project as a new food truck, a trailler or a fix restaurant in Langford area. Ist hard to understand but Sad and true. Poutine Rock and will be back! Tony and Sebastien R.I.P


So I had been intending to post about L'Authentique right after my visit, and now it's kind of bitter-sweet that I didn't. So instead of the traditional post, I thought I would do a little memorial post... if only because I suspect that there might be a few people googling "L'authentique poutine closed" and I'm not sure how well that Facebook post will show up in the search results. And you know, to document the history of the food scene... however brief.

L'Authentique from behind
The truck was really beautiful. It was even beautiful from behind

L'Authentique menu
The menu was also very lovely

August 10, 2012
The fact that I even got to try this poutine is kind of an entertaining story. I hadn't planned to visit, in fact I had a plan to go to another restaurant. I had paid for downtown parking, was seated and perusing the menu when then I saw L'Authentique's Facebook status that they were open and serving up Poutine at "the Canadian Tire." I decided that since I had to go stop near (the Esquimalt) Canadian Tire area anyhow I would stop in for Poutine there instead.

In the end, the place I was going wasn't next to the Esquimalt Canadian Tire... (#fail!) and they were actually at the Langford Canadian Tire (#fail2)! But by that point, I figured I was 'all in' rationalizing that that a) I was on holiday and ahead of schedule on my day's activities, b) I could legitimately consider it 'research' for the Poutine Guide and c) I was Really Hungry and hungry me wasn't going to be denied poutine without consequences.

Classic Poutine
Classic Poutine

What a beautiful poutine *sniffle*! It was piping hot and the cheese curds were squeaky-fresh. The gravy read like the definition I found on wikipedia for traditional poutine gravy (thin, chicken-based, lightly seasoned). The fries were bordering on shoestring. When I was finished I wished I had been brave and ordered the intense-sounding special to try too ("Lu Quebeçois: maple sirup with hot dog sausage sautee oignon and bacon bit") but decided that would be too much.

August 10, 2012
Fast, friendly and fantastic French Canadian accents! I wish these boys well on their next food adventure... I will drive out to Langford for it (on purpose) when it opens!