Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sally Bun

Address: 1030 Fort St
Phone: (250) 384-1899
Price: Less than $5 a bun
Notes: A flavour for every belly, a price for every pocket, a pastry pocket full of tasty!

I am ashamed to say that it took me this long to try (actually... hear!) about Sally Bun. It wasn't until my ex-coworker was visiting from Vancouver and made a note to herself to stop at sally bun to pick up a few to bring home with her on the ferry for her family that I understood I might be missing out on something!

Sally Bun is a true Victoria restaurant. The original store was located in the Eatons Centre, and at the peak they were up to three location from the research I found, but now they are down to one on Fort St and have changed ownership. The new location is small, but has a large back garden area that is a secret feature of many of the little shops along Fort.

Although they serve things besides the 'sally bun', they are the main feature. The front case is full of them and the selection changes daily. One description I saw described it as 'what a hot pocket should taste like.' I agree! I love the texture of the outside - soft like a steam bun, but browned to give it a bit more flavour. There are any number of wacky toppings - everything from hamburger to korean bbq. The best part is the value - I had two, and I don't think I spent $10 and I was very, very full! I just wish they were open on the weekends...

May 23, 2012

Korean BBQ Bun
Korean BBQ Bun

I was surprised to bite into this and discover ground beef rather than bulgogi style meat, but the seasoning was full of kimchi flavours and was quite pleasant. The texture of the outside was amazing - soft, but with a bit of give. It's hard to describe without sounding really ridiculously pretentious, so I won't.  

Roast Beef with Dill Pickle and Cheddar
Roast Beef with Dill Pickle & Cheddar

After devouring one, I was curious to try something totally different. I asked for a recommendation, and was given several to choose from. I decided to go with the most odd sounding, the roast beef with dill pickle. My first bite I bit into the large chunk of pickle which splooged out some hot pickle juice with alarming force. The roast beef was rather nice, and if I recall correctly (it's um, been a while) there was also some cheesiness to ensure it wasn't too dry.

May 23, 2012
The service was great. Quick, take-out style, offered to heat it up for me and helped me find the water jug. Exactly as it should be in a counter-service restaurant.