Monday, December 31, 2012

Year in Review 2012

Holy smokes! It's two years to the day since this crazy, mouth-watering journey started! How cool is that?! I really never could have predicted how things have unfolded over the last two years; my life is so much richer in so many ways, and I continue to be thankful to each and every one of your for taking the time to read and share and support this project.

Things have changed a lot behinds the scenes at the Victoria Food blog since this time last year. I finally bought a custom URL, redesigned things a little, and traffic continues to grow. The pace has slowed down in terms of posts here, but not because I'm becoming less active on the food scene, in fact just the opposite!

As I teased in this same post this time last year, I founded Tastebud Guides, and am currently starting to work on the 2013 edition of Local Flavour: Victorias. Through Tastebud outreach I became involved in our local branch of Slow Food, which I see as a way of connecting the goals of this blog and the eBook project to a larger global movement of local food.

I still have another 100+ restaurants still left to explore... and I have some plans for how to keep excited and dedicated to the blog despite all the exciting things going on outside of it! But for now, here were some of my favourites that I discovered over the past year...

The VF 10 Best Food Experiences of 2012
  1. Big Wheel
  2. Bon Rouge
  3. Camille's
  4. Chorizo & Co
  5. Drumroaster
  6. Jam Cafe
  7. Prima Strada
  8. Refiner Diner
  9. Veneto
  10. Vis a Vis