Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bon Macaron Pattisserie

Address: 1012 Broad Street.
Phone: (778) 265-
Price: $1.50-1.75 each; discounts for bulk purchases.
Notes: Bringing french class to your sweet treat

Bon Macaron Pattisserie

Bon Macaron opened up on Broad St, just across the street from Pagliacci's, just at the end of November. The store is very 'Parisian' in that it offers only one thing: classic French macaron. Essentially, they a essentially a Euro-alternative to the the cupcake craze that has so recently swept the city. Macaron have been creeping into the offerings at various specialty shops over the last few years, but this is the first shop that only offers macaron. As storefronts go, they definitely fall into the category of specialty item! The level of technique and almost 'magic' that goes into making the perfect macaron is incredible, but most Canadians have never tried them and general consensus among my non-foodie friends was a confusion with macaroons.

For those who have never tried a macaron, the menu and ordering is pretty straightforward. You can get individual macarons, in either regular or fancy flavours, as well as boxes full. A dozen regular macarons was around $16, and individually they are $1.50. The more exotic flavours are $1.75 and include savoury flavours like hummus & poppy seeds. While $1.50-1.75 feels a bit pricy emotionally for something so small, when compared to $3.25 for a single cupcake logically, it's a bargain!

The front counter area is naturally fairly small and sparse, mostly taken up by a long counter filled with macarons, but you can see through into the back where they have a giant, gleaming kitchen ready to pump out thousands of wee brightly coloured discs. The flavours they produce seem like they change frequently, as the owners experiment with new ideas and are inspired to push the boundaries and try more creative combinations. I am curious to go back and try some of the more exotic combinations in the 'fancy' section!

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December 24, 2012
Assorted Macarons
Assorted Macarons

I picked up a combo pack for a christmas eve get together with friends. The bright colours elicited oohs and ahhs from the guests when we passed them around, and we discussed at great length how they were made, and (most importantly!) how to pronounce 'macaron.'

The consensus from the crowd was positive, agreeing that they were delicious, not too sweet and a nice treat. Choosing an unknown flavour of macaron felt a bit like taking a bite out of a box of chocolates without a map.  However, the flavours are all pretty subtle, as the majority of the flavouring comes from the little bit of cream in the middle and everyone ended up with a choice they enjoyed.

December 24, 2012
I was impressed by the service when I visited - quick, helpful and friendly. I was also pleased they were open on Christmas Eve, especially so late in the day, as I was really in need of something to bring to the previously mentioned party... they totally saved me from having to make another stop on the way home!

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