Wednesday, February 6, 2013

PSA: Dine Around 2013

Dine Around 2013 is rapidly approaching! This years event runs from February 21 - March 10th. During the 3 week event restaurants around Victoria offer set menus at a fixed price. You can check out the list of menus here.

Last year there was a bit of conversation on the twitter-verse about the merits of Dine Around. Some restaurants were openly anti-Dine Around (although I notice that at least one of those has joined this year...). I was never able to find out what their exact objections were, a few other people came forward explained that in order to make the experience affordable for restaurants they had to compromise on quality to meet the low price point. Which, I think is worth thinking about in the grand scheme of things, however I don't know that this is a universal truth.

For me, Dine Around has always been an opportunity and nudge to get around to some of the restaurants that I haven't visited, but have yet to make time to go to. I feel safe to experiment, because I know exactly what I'm getting in for. It's like Groupon - love it or hate it, it does ultimately help diners explore places they have never tried before. Unlike Groupon, this helps support Tourism in Victoria.

Guest posts

Like last year, I will be accepting guest posts from people who have visited a Dine Around restaurant and want to share their experience. You can email me at victorianfood (at!) me (dot!) com with your submissions.


  1. Food porn.
    If you can snag a shot, even with your iPhone camera that's fantastic! Visiting during daylight hours will net you better pictures, but a candle and a white menu used as a light bouncer will do wonders for many a dark shot. 
  2. Keep it positive.
    Constructive criticism in the context of a fabulous meal is fine, but my goal is to connect people to great food, not trash a restaurant. 
  3. Love the link back.
    Please include info who you are and what you do so we can spread the link-love around! 
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