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Tequila House

Note: I think the tequila house is no longer at this address... but I can't find any more updated info. I know they said they were looking for a new location. In the meantime I think they are still catering. Please contact me if you have more info!

Address: 3009 Gosworth Rd
Phone: (250) 886-0731
Price: $10 dish
Notes: Super fresh, authentic Mexican food

Tequila House

A friend was asking me if I had checked out the Tequila House and I have to admit, my food scene radar has been a bit sporadic lately and I hadn't heard a peep! They have apparently been open for several months, but unless you're in the know their website and storefront do give the appearance of being a catering store or a fish & chip shop. However, if you sneak in the door before 3pm you will find a few small tables and a welcoming takeout window for delicious, fresh Mexican.

Victoria is a tricky market for Mexican food. We have plenty of "fast food" and Tex Mex style Mexican, but after the closure of the Bridge street and Amelia street restaurants there are very few places to go for well seasoned Mexican food made from scratch. The Tequila House menu certainly helps fill in a bit of the gap. The breakfast menu includes huevos aplenty, and the lunch menu has regular daily special features. There is also a "dessert" menu featuring hot chocolate and churros. The wait is longer than your average "take out" restaurant, which is excellent because you are getting delicious food cooked from scratch, but also important to know before you arrive in a rush.

The decor is quite adorable, especially considering they are making it suit both the Mexican and the fish & chip decor depending on the time of day. Pictures of Mediterranean sea scenes fit both bills, for example. The space is certainly small - really just two or three tables in the whole space taken up partially but an online reservation system for the catering piece of their business. I kid of like the smallness - it's got definite intimacy and friendliness because of it. Some of that may come from the family nature of the business, with the owners and their children operating the business together.

May 11, 2013
Although the signage outside for the catering company doesn't say they are open on Saturdays they actually are! I was excited, because I had been tempted by their breakfast menu when I was in the first time. We ordered two coffees and I was surprised when they arrived with a little bit of cinnamon in them. Such a lovely touch! 

Huevos Ahogados
Fresh corn tortillas
As I have said so many times before I love huevos, so I was curious to try this variety. It was certainly an unexpected presentation, and I wasn't quite sure how to proceed. Initially I tried to fill the tortillas like I normally would, but found the soupy eggy mixture didn't really work. Instead, I used my spoon to scoop up the sauce, eggs and beans and then sopped up the last bit with the tortillas. The flavour of the tomato "salsa" on top was surprisingly mild, but still flavourful. When combined with a spoonful of egg it was excellent! 

Huevos a la Mexicana
This was my partner-in-food-and-life's choice and after one mouthful I was instantly jealous! I usually shy away from ordering scrambled eggs because I find them typically less than inspiring, but these ones were super flavourful. They asked how much jalapeno to put in, and it was just right! A small dish overall, but so flavourful it was very satisfying.

April 12, 2013
Grilled Tacos
I popped in enroute between two meetings, starving and ready for a late lunch (er, breakfast...). Despite being even hungrier after smelling the food cooking I held out and took the tacos to go. When I opened them up my mouth immediately began watering. I chose the steak and shrimp option, a steal for $9! Four massive tacos made with thick, fresh masa corn tortillas topped with the protein, veggies and tons of cheese were devoured far too quickly to really enjoy them properly. There were so many toppings I was worried the tortillas wouldn't be sufficient, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they held up! It was messy, but the fresh tortillas really did their job.

May 11, 2013
The owners son was working today and checked up on us frequently, ensuring our drinks were topped up and we were enjoying everything as we ate. Despite being nearly peak brunch time on a Saturday we were the only customers for at least a few minutes, and the only ones eating in... but this would be the perfect spot for a small weekend brunch adventure.

April 12, 2013
The service was friendly and helpful as I chose between the daily menu items and the daily special. I was a little stressed by how long it took to get the food (only because I am habitually running late!) so it would have been nice to have an estimate of wait times when I ordered so that I could have relaxed a bit. As I said above, I don't mind waiting when I know the food is being made fresh and from scratch!

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