Friday, June 28, 2013

The Food Nerd Podcast Episode 2: The Superior

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Really enjoyed recording this episode with Lisa Boehme, the owner and creative force behind the Superior and now Mortiscycle donuts. I didn't realize until recently how much she has been a part of the Victoria food scene since the very early days, operating one of the early trendy coffee shops in the space that is now Willie's Bakery. I really enjoyed hearing her talk about the creativity, intentionality, and community building she is producing just by opening her restaurant doors every evening!

Please note: the background "ambiance" in this episode ended up being a lot too "ambiancy!" I hope that you can stick with it & please know that future episodes are being recorded in quiet rooms with locked doors and no float planes within 100 meters! 

Lisa from the Superior sat down to chat about her artistic inspirations for The Superior, her romantic inspirations for Mortiscycle donuts and some of her part in the food history of Victoria. 


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