Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chef's Quest

Chefs quest closed in Januar 2014 :( SADFACE!

Address: 760A Yates St. (in Odeon Alley)
Phone: (778) 430-5673
Price: Less than $10
Notes: Burgers from scratch, lots of dietary accommodations

Chef's Quest opened up (and picked off from) where Jackalope Bistro left off. I was initially worried that they would make huge changes, especially to their gluten free menu, but the new owner has kept the base of the menu the same, and is simply adding a medieval flare. The woman who took over was one of the staff members of the former Jackalope, and has taken over with an impressive capability considering she is at least a decade younger (if not two) than your average restauranteur and the fact she has been plagued by a series of unfortunate events since opening that have put a damper in her ability to remain open!

The space is tiny, with just a few tables but lots of opportunity for takeout. The walls have recently received a bit more of a medieval flare with the addition of some decorative swords on the walls. The menu is divided into two sides with beef burgers on one, and a selection of alternative vegetarian patties on the other, some typical and some less typical, like the deep-fried cottage cheese burger! The portion sizes here are refreshingly small - you don't live over full, and the price point reflects the smaller size as well. I can eat here for less than $10+ slightly more after tip. The one thing I have noticed is that often they run out of food — so you may find the space closed early, or just closed temporarily while she runs to get more.

One thing worth noting is that they have a separate deep frier for french fries, making them the only place I have found downtown that does gluten free fries. They also make everything from scratch, including the hand-cut fries, and are very up to speed with the importance of food safety practices for allergies, so celiacs can eat in comfort!

The service here is always pretty fantastic, despite the fact that your server is also the person who takes your order and cooks your food. Although this sometimes does mean your burgers take a few minutes, this is just fine with me as they are not making any claims to fast food! The woman who owns the restaurant is super friendly and helpful and makes an effort to remember her customers.

October 10, 2013

The William Tell Burger & Fries
The William Tell Burger & Fries
I opted for a regular beef patty this evening with the "William Tell" toppings: cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce, ranch dressing and a slice of granny smith apple. The patty was thick and juicy, and fantastically seasoned. The bun is soft and fluffy and fresh. I described the former Jackalope burgers as "fancy ball park burgers" — which I think is still fair: they have all the charm of a classic, simple burger but with fancy toppings.

I also opted for the $1.25 portion of fries. I love how they make the fries from scratch and cook them until they are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. Although the portion is small, my celiac friend who loves french fries sometimes gets an extra serving... for "dessert."

October 10, 2013
The woman who runs the restaurant is always friendly and helpful. She is often found joking with her medievally geeky fans/regulars who visit the restaurant often. As I said above, I am impressed with the confidence and competence of this young woman... as old as it makes me feel to have those words pass my lips.

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