Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PSA: Partnership with Diggit

I am stoked to announce a partnership between the Victorian Food Blog and Diggit, a new online local marketplace that has recently launched in Victoria!

The fabulous folks at Diggit have recognized that Victoria is full of people who make and do Cool Stuff. From food to fashion to furniture Victorians are out there consuming on a local level. Diggit is the online extension of this local love: you can buy, sell or spread the word about things produced in Victoria. I love what they're doing! They're supporting local, and to me thats (obviously) so important. They're also offering up a platform for small businesses to spread the word about what they produce and sell, which is super exciting and very, very needed. I also just love the design: their look and feel is just so much more appealing to me than so many sites (but I am admittedly a bit of an aesthetics snob).

They have recently launched a food section of the site, and asked me if it might be possible to syndicate some of my content to help share to the visitors to their site some of the best the Victoria food scene has to offer.

We thought it would be fun to kick off the announcement with a bit of a fun set of recommendations beyond just restaurants... fashion for the foodie! A curation of the best of the Diggit fashion section that is friendly to those of us who like to dress for any food occasion.
"Half the fun of writing a restaurant blog beyond the food is that when I blog, I get to go out, and that brings the opportunity to dress up and be a little fancy on occasion! But, I am a bit of a klutz and as I ate out more frequently, the pile of clothes in my room plagued with stains from food that has slipped and splattered from my fork grew. Then I started to notice that my wardrobe was dictating my food choices: If I accidentally wore a white top in the morning curry was off the menu in the evening. Anything but black became a no-no if I was going to order beet salad. So, lest these casualties of a time before I realized what attire was going to be appropriate to wear while dining out go to complete waste I realized I should share my hard learned lessons and so I present... fashion for the foodie femme." -- [full post]

Full disclosure: Diggit is compensating me for contributing content to their site, but did not pay for or solicit this post.


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