Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Year in Review Podcast

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Just because I haven't been blogging most of this year doesn't mean I haven't been eating... it just means my incessant obsession with documenting every single thing I ate took a massive nosedive. 

I've still had some amazing meals this year, most of which have taken place with the lovely folks who joined me at the end of 2013 to make a resolution for conviviality. The core group, who I have affectionately come to call the food nerds, came together again over some charcuterie & beverages and talked about our highlights from our year in convivial eating, followed by other musings on the major openings, closings and shake ups on the Victoria food scene in 2014... and our hopes and dreams for 2015.  

We realized after the fact we forgot to mention Wheelies as an awesome little place that opened this year. Sorry Wheelies! We think you're awesome.


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