Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Tubbs Ice Cream

Address: 3454 Tillicum Road
Phone: (250) 388-3477
Price: $5ish
Notes: All the ingredients for the ultimate sugar high!

Mr Tubb's Ice Cream parlour

 Mr. Tubbs is pretty much a kid's heaven. They have the largest ice cream selection, foot-long hot dogs, games with prizes galore. The decor is very 50s diner, and there are classic/collectors edition toys everywhere. 

We got funny service - we were there for a family/friend's birthday, but were the only ones there without children of our own. The owner/manager guy kind of snarkily apologized saying "this is why we don't actually do birthdays..."  kind of implying it was a bit much. As much as it was a bit loud and crazy, the kids were all having fun and they were doing killer business so I'm not sure what the complaints were for. Perhaps he was just worried to lose our demographic. 

I had a "rootbeer float" flavoured milkshake. Yum! Creamy and smooth. The P.I.L.A.F. had a double cone with nanaimo bar and black licorice. It was also quite yummy although the black dye is the equivalent of the stuff that dyes your teeth to see where you haven't brushed. 

They also have proper foot-long hot dogs on the rotisserie. They look kind of grey and gross cold, but once warm and in a soft bun they were fine, especially topped with fresh onions and sweet peppers. Not amazing, but reminiscent of a ball-park hot dog. 


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