Thursday, February 3, 2011

Foo Asian Street Food

Address: 769 Yates Street
Phone:  (250) 383-3111
Price: ~$10
Notes:  Popular, but not perfect. No parking in the parking lot! They're quick on the tickets.

Foo is a cute place, similar in style to the noodle box franchise, but with more "traditional" street food dishes. You've got everything from assorted curries to noodles to vietnamese subs or ginger caramel chicken. The space is small, but neatly designed to have touches of modern and asian influences. The kitchen is open to the restaurant space, giving it the feel of a street vendor.

Service is designed to mostly be take-away, so you pretty much order and sit to wait  until it appears on the bar in a take-out container. It's hard to find fault.

April 29, 2011

This was a fantastic salad! The green papaya, mint and cilantro were so fresh and the roasted peanuts were crunchy and almost sweet. The portion size was small - this couldn't be a whole lunch unless you were on a crash diet. However if you were wanting a fantastic appetizer for dinner, or sharing several dishes among three people it would be a fantastic addition.

Today's meal reinvigorated my enjoyment of this place! We were chatting with the chefs and they were talking about their process, that the sauces are prepped at night and the fresh ingredients are prepped in the morning, before opening. This makes our bad experience back in February make sense, since the sauces were probably Just prepped for the next day and hadn't had time to develop.

February 3, 2011
I feel like when Foo first opened, it was better. I don't know what changed - perhaps it's just a difference in what I'm picking, maybe they're trying to appeal to a wider audience or maybe we just hit it on a bad night tonight. I've enjoyed the ginger caramel chicken on a number of occasions in the past, although it's a touch sweet, and most of the specials are delicious. The Vietnamese subs are pretty freaking good - if you haven't tried one already I would recommend it, it's a really interesting colonization-induced fusion food.

The food we had today was way less than inspiring, which makes me sad. It was late in the evening, so maybe we hit some weird end/beginning of batch funkiness. I had the butter chicken, but it barely tasted like curry... in fact I couldn't pick out a single curry-esque flavour or smell. It says it's slow cooked in a "spicy tomato sauce" but it wasn't tomatoy or spicy. The weird thing is, my partner-in-food-and-life's, the Thai red coconut curry, was pretty un-curry as well. It was mostly rice and coconut, little curry or veggies. Better flavoured than mine, though!


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