Friday, January 14, 2011

Munchie Bar

Location: UVic Student Union Building
Price: $1-4
Notes: Doubles as the Cinecenta concession.

My morning coffee spot.

The Munchie Bar is pretty much my home away from home. It's kind of by default (I don't have an office on campus, but I have to be here most of my day for work), but also because it's a comfy nook on campus, with friendly staff and a good selection of goodies.

The staff that work here have the best taste in music. Especially the staff that work on Mondays, I find... which is always a good start to the week. Today it's the Amelie soundtrack (love it!) but often you will get Beatles, Dylan, or other awesome retro-tastic music.

The staff at Munchie are pretty awesome. It seems like they hire a core group of Good People and train them up well. They tend to be the really connected, really interesting people on campus because they chat up their regulars and find out about all of the cool events and projects going on on campus. I feel vaguely guilty that I so rarely pay with cash that they don't often get tips despite having the best "tip me" signs that are ever-changing.


Coffee at the Munchie is probably the cheapest in the city. They serve Kicking Horse, which is a great BC roastery. How they manage to mass produce such good coffee is amazing to me! If you just want drip coffee in your own mug it's only $1! My Americano Misto is $2.85 with tax! It's incredible. It used to be a reasonably decent cup of coffee, but a recent upgrade to a better grinder has meant their consistency has gone way up. 

I have always been a fan of the brie croissant they have... it's so delicious despite being about as far from healthy as you can get. They've recently started carrying a selection of gluten-free baked goods, and I have to say that the gluten free brownie is delicious. They also often have Jamaican patties, samosas and sausage rolls for your snack on the go between classes.


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