Friday, January 14, 2011

Sabri Buffet

Address: 3480 Tillicum Road
Phone: (250) 388-4655
Price: $11.95 for dinner, $9.95 for lunch
Notes: Cheap and plentiful - but basic. 

Sabri Restaurant

When I have the craving for Indian food it's hard to think about not just scrapping my dinner plans and going to Sabri! Although the menu never changes, and the decor is pretty basic the price is right and I love the yellow curry with pakoras and chickpeas. Everywhere you look in Sabri there is a sign informing you of something. The outside windows are plastered with informative signs. Chef Omar must really like his signage. I love it - it's part of the charm! Edit: We visited recently, and they have taken down all of the signs except a few! I'm kind of sad - it feels like a different place... but it does feel more open. I suspect perhaps they just haven't put them back up yet.

Stick with the buffet. I once ordered off the menu when I had a coupon and it juts wasn't quite worth it. It was still good, but nowhere near the value as the buffet. I have almost never seen anyone ordering off the menu there, and you pretty much have to ask for one directly, they won't give you one by default.

There isn't much since it's buffet, but if you need something there is always someone on the till who can get you what you need, and they're always friendly. I love that every table gets their very own jug of water... somehow I always need it even though the food isn't that spicy.

Order the garlic naan. Just do it! I know it's extra but it's so, so tasty. The last time we went the woman admitted they made a double batch so there would be enough for the staff too. It really is that good!

As for the buffet items, most are good. I usually skip the pakoras because as a food, they're not good unless they've just been made. The butter chicken is good, although sometimes the sauce is not as thick as I personally like. The spicing is lovely, however, and you can tell everything is fresh and that the spices are freshly ground from scratch.

I occasionally try some of the saag and the zucchini or the chickpea curry, but my absolute favourite is the special yellow curry at the far end with the pakoras in it. I wish I knew what magic goes into it, because I love the flavours! So delicious.

March 4, 2011
This is the first time (in a long time? ever?) we have been on a Friday. Usually we go on a week night, and there's few people so the turnover of food is a bit slower. This time, there were fresh pakoras that melted in my mouth, and still hot naan. The food was much less spicy, though. I'm curious to know if this a strategic thing (they know their hardcore mid-week audience likes it spicier) or if they are just needing to make it go a bit further on the busy days so the ratios end up a bit different.  


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