Monday, February 14, 2011

PSA: Dine Around 2011

Public Service Announcement: February 17th - March 6th is "Dine Around Victoria 2011"

Dine Around is a great way to eat out at some of Victoria's fancier places without it costing a fortune. They present you with a set 3 course menu (usually there are options within each course) for either $20, $30 or $40. This year, they've partnered with several places to have celiac-friendly menus, which I think is an excellent move for widening their audience!

We've done a few over the years - the Bengal Lounge at the Empress during which I said "close your eyes and tell me that these halibut pakoras don't taste exactly like Chicken McNuggets!" (they did.) and a decent dinner at the Wild Saffron although the dinner theatre of watching the chefs cook was the part that stood out the most.

There are definitely some awesome places on the list this year that are well worth checking out for the deal. I'm tempted to finally try Paprika Bistro which has been on my "to try" list as long as I've been liking food, but so is the Veteno Tapas Lounge.

Edited to add:
Although we were on holiday for the first week, we did end up checking out Sips Artisan Bistro. Please visit the review if you are interested in knowing how it was!

Check out Tourism Victoria's website for  Dine Around Participating Restaurants for the 2011.


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