Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reg Barber Enterprises Inc.

Address: #7-6824 Kirkpatrick Cres.
Phone: 250-544-1778
Notes: Did you know that one of the best espresso tamp makers in the world lives right here in Victoria?

Reg Barber Enterprises

This is branching out a little bit on the idea of 'local food product' - but at the same time, not really! Reg Barber uses woods and metals and engraving to design custom tamps.  According to my conversations with local baristas, he's one of the best in the world. His tamps have been used by quite a number of winners of national and international barista competitions.

We just got a custom tamp made at his shop, and I can confirm that he is definitely more than happy to show you around and share his wisdom and knowledge about the industry. He's also quite happy to give locals a deal - so if you were thinking of getting a RB tamp I would highly recommend emailing or phoning to pop by the shop and get it done on the spot. He's quite friendly and clearly very chuffed that his small idea has grown into something so well loved.  He was telling us that initially, he was going to open his own coffee shop, but then he discovered that there was a need for Good Tamps and Reg Barber Enterprises Inc. was born! (Well, I'm sure I'm glossing over things a little bit...)

Within 20 minutes of arriving we'd chosen our base to fit our portafilter, chosen the style of base we wanted it cut into (there's a lot of science and style and personal preference about this apparently), chosen a handle material and design, and had it engraved with a custom design.  The rest of the hour and half or so we spent was just chatting about the coffee scene in Victoria, as well as Australia where Reg recently returned from. Apparently there is amazing coffee down under, who knew?!

He also talked about an upcoming event that I'm sure I will be blogging about more... a coffee competition and show. Cheap door entry, lots of amazing baristas and coffee vendors and free schwag! It sounds amazing! Stay tuned, I will share more once I know more.


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