Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ohh La La Cupcakes (Hillside)

Address: 1391A - Hillside Avenue
Phone: (250) 385-0707
Price: $3.25 each, $30/dozen
Notes: A sugar rush of the very best kind.

Ooh La La cupcakes are hands down the best in town! Unlike the other cupcakery which shall not be named, their cupcakes are The Real Stuff. Butter, eggs, milk and all! I'm sorry, but vegan and cake don't go very well together. I love the sheer amount of styling that goes into the cupcakes here, and the mini-cupcakes make me happy down to my toes because they're just the right size to satisfy.

April 23, 2011
The girl behind the counter was bouncy happy to see us! She didn't even mind that I instantly ripped open the package again to take a picture.

April 23, 2011
Hot Crossed Cupcake via

This was an Easter special cupcake - it was so freakin' adorable! They had a whole bunch of mini Easter cupcakes as well, but I couldn't eat that many and still waddle.

It was pretty much the flavours of a hot-crossed bun, including the dried fruit in the batter, but fluffy and soft and cupcaky. The icing was very sweet, but not too sweet, and vanilla. So yum!


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