Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hernande'z Cocinca

Address: 735 Yates Street (Inside the St. Andrew's mall between View & Yates)
Phone: (250) 884-5313
Price: $5-8
Notes: Only takes cash, busy but quick for lunch, also open for dinner.

Hernandez has become the authentic, stable little centre in a storm of Mexican cuisine in Victoria. When they were first tucked in the tiny restaurant beside the laser tag (which then became Pig and is now La Fogata Latina) we ate there a few times, but the value for a regular eating out wasn't there (at least on my student budget at the time). They also had a second location on Bay St. for a while, but according to their website they closed it in order to maintain some semblance of work-life balance - and maintain the quality in both places. Since then, they have opened an art school so I am not entirely sure if we will see a second location anytime soon.

Since their shift to the new location, tucked away in the funny little mall area downtown (think the building in between the Cobbler Shoe store and the Fido on Yates) they have done a steady stream of business at lunch times that has slowly taken over every possible spot to add a table. Although they only take cash, there is a cash machine right next to the till.

May 27, 2011
To be honest, this was a "business lunch" and I wasn't paying (I was busy being confronted by the grumpy barista at the coffee shop when I attempted to attach my mellowest-dog-ever to the umbrella stand... guess where I won't be reviewing!).

I can review the method of service: order at the counter, take a laminated mexican card and sit at your table. In minutes, someone will come by calling out your mexican card and you can begin to devour your delicious meal!

May 27, 2011

Carne Burrito via

Oh man - this was huge! Incredibly delicious, however. As you can see (moving from right to left) there is: spiced rice, refried beans (and rice?), shredded beef, cheese? and fresh cilantro all wrapped in a large tortilla. The beef had some pretty spectacular spices... I can't even describe the flavour, it isn't something I've come across before. It was a very deep, rich flavour. My mouth is watering just remembering it! Once again I wish I worked downtown...

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