Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pizza Zone

Address: 1806 Cook St/2571 Quadra st.
Phone: (250) 857-1111
Price: $7 for 2 slices & pop & dip, $17 medium pizza
Notes: Pretty much a local version of your cookie-cutter pizza place. Home of the 4:20. Enough said?

When Pizza Zone opened up a few years ago, I wasn't overly excited to try it. I do like Pizza, but it's almost never an "oh man I'm craving..." or "you know, I could really go for..." and is more a "I'm STARVING and I just walked by and it smells so delicious my mouth is watering and now I really want some PIZZA!" This has been helped over the years by the fact that my partner-in-food-and-life is lactose intolerant and although they started out when they first opened with soy cheese options and amazing wings (which seem to have reappeared on the menu after some absence), their non-cheesy options have dwindled.

Their tag line (as such) is "Home of the 4:20" which was really quite a brilliant marketing strategy for a business starting up on the fringes of Fernwood! The 4:20 pizza is pretty much a meat and cheese pizza. It's pretty good, but if you're getting a whole 4:20 get them to add garlic... now that's a pizza!

I was reading the "history" part of their website just now and it has this whole story about going to Italy, and meeting "Mama Rosa" and being inspired to start up a "real" pizza place back home. They claim this was the inspiration for the Calabria pizza. Having never seen or heard of the calabria pizza while in the restaurant, at first I thought this was a joke, making fun of pizza culture (and perhaps another pizza place in town?). I mean really... "home of the 4:20"? Pretty much a clone of every chain pizza place I've ever seen? I am confused. But after checking, there is a thin crust calabria pizza on the menu so perhaps they're just marketing to the masses while upholding their values deep down on the inside. Either that or it's a test to weed out the pizza snobs so they know whose pizza to spit in.

May 13, 2011
The server today was SUPER excited to see me and SUPER friendly! It's nice to have great customer service even in a take-out place. She even made small talk feel un-awkward. It was pretty impressive! Come to think of it, I've always had pretty good service here - I think they must have a good hiring process.

May 13, 2011

Two Slices Combo via

Today I opted for a veggie and a meat lovers. As you can see - they sell pizza by the slice. It used to be a great deal ($5 for two slices and a pop) but between a general increase and the HST it's over $7 by the time you add the dipping sauce.

I do quite like the crust of Pizza Zone pizza - it's not too dense compared to many others I've had. Although the meat pizza is pretty epically delicious, the veggie pizza has just the right amount of freshness to the veggies to be pretty good too.


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