Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shark Club

Address: 2852 Douglas St. (Sandman Hotel)
Phone: (250) 386-5888
Price: $10-15
Notes: Sports bar designed for people who like round things - balls, pucks or boobs.

The Shark Club is one of those places that baffles me a bit. It feels a bit like they're modelling themselves after the American chain Hooters - the waitresses were dressed in hot pants and very V-necked shirts. I don't really have a problem with this aside from questioning if it is it's really beneficial to the business? I suppose market research would probably prove me wrong.

They advertise themselves as "Western Canada's Premium Sports Bar" but it's pretty cookie cutter. The ambiance aside from that is your standard sports bar: maximized seating space, lots of televisions on different sports channels, large bar, wings on the menu. Etc. I'm a little confused as to the connection between the hotel and the sport bar. It looks as if the hotel chain partners with franchise restaurants in their various locations, rather than trying to design their own restaurant experience.

Overall our waitress was quite attentive! She even offered to refill my water after I had beer which is an instant tip boost in my books! I was a bit baffled when I asked what on tap was local and she started with "Canadian, Blue..." but in retrospect I feel like she either didn't here the "local" part, or she thought we were Americans on vacation.


Ahi Tuna Tacos via

These were quite spectacularly tasty! I was pleasantly surprise. The ahi tuna was quite dark - I'm almost wondering if it was marinated but it was hard to tell with all of the other flavours going on in the dish. I'm often cautious about over-mayonnaised coleslaw but the slaw in this was more mustardy than mayoy. The wonton shells were the perfect crispiness.

The ponzu sauce was really fabulous, and was my preferred sauce. It said on the menu the other sauce was a wasabi-lime sauce but I could swear mine was "chipotle" sauce. It might have been a mistake, or perhaps it was just less wasabi more chili.


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