Saturday, May 28, 2011

Smugglers Cove Pub

Address: 2581 Penrhyn Street
Phone: (250) 477-2688
Price: $9-19 for entrees
Notes: A cute English-style pub in the heart of Cadboro bay

victfam05f23 Victoria BC, Family History 2005

This pub reminds me a lot of the traditional pubs I visited in the UK: slightly dark, crowded, looks older than time itself and in a tudor style building. The menu is pretty similar to an English pub as well, except with a significant selection of local beer as a bonus. I guess it's not surprise that my very British & Scottish grandparents love it here.

I love that the main part of the pub is on the second floor. The first floor is a little but confusing though - just a small little entrance way. I wonder if it used to be a house? The upstairs has quite a few tables, as well as a gorgeous deck which used to have a really nice view of the water but now has a really nice view of the condos next door.

I've never had bad service here - the servers are always friendly and do treat it like you're at your village local (which in a way they are).


Baked Mushroom Ravioli with Marinara via

I was very excited for this dish, and it's a bit hard to explain why I wasn't quite satisfied. All of the individual parts were really, really good - I loved the ravioli with it's savoury mushroom filling, the marinara was sharp and "red" tasting and the melted slightly browned cheese was very delicious. It's just I'm not totally sure it all went together. The ravioli in a cream sauce would have been heavenly. The marinara over some spaghetti with some meatballs would have also been incredible. Maybe it's just me and my carnivorous ways... a vegetarian might not have missed a more meaty flavour.

The salad was quite nice, especially with the parmesan on top, and I was half way through the garlic toast before I remembered I was trying to eat less bread but finished it off anyhow because it was just too tasty!


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