Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Venus Sophia Tea Room and Vegetarian Eatery

Address: 540 Fisgard St.
Phone: (250) 590-3953
Website: http://venussophia.com/
Price: $5-10, $50 for afternoon tea for two
Notes: closed Mondays. Afternoon tea available by reservation.

My first impression of the tea room was mostly related to the decor. The inside is really quite gorgeous in an offbeat kind of way and clearly very thoughtfully put together. White walls with both modern touches in the lighting and bicycles and vintage touches in mis-matched tea pots and a plethora of flowers. Something about it smacks of the Victorian era, although maybe that's just the plethora of teapots speaking loudest.

I felt like I had heard something about afternoon tea being available on their twitter feed, however going in to the shop I didn't notice anything pointing to this being available. Perhaps I just missed it, but I feel like they should play this up as an option because they look like they could be a serious contender for one of the top spots for high tea in Victoria, especially for those looking for a vegetarian-friendly option.

May 22, 2011
Just had take-away service today, but it was very friendly and prompt. Big, genuine smiles! Love it.

May 22, 2011
Peach Rooibos Tea via foodspotting.com

I was ever-so-tempted to try food at Venus Sophia today but I was so full from a homemade breakfast of awesomeness (an Indian Eggs Benedict with chutney, mushrooms, onions, chicken and a curry hollandaise, thanks for asking!) and then a Cold Comfort ice cream sandwich I couldn't even think about it. However, the treats in the display case looked tasty - in particular, the local pistachio baklava look phenomenal! They also had a selection of sandwichy things, as well as a full drinks list. Will have to check it out in future!

They have a very wide selection of tea, all of which you can sniff out of one of the many vintage trinket holders they have collected as samplers. I have been craving peach tea lately, so the Peach Rooibos was an easy choice and it was very good quality indeed. I don't think it was too expensive which is refreshing considering many hot beverage places gouge you so horribly for a tea, and not even good tea at that!



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