Sunday, July 31, 2011


I am super excited to be celebrating six whole months of food blogging!

I have had so much fun exploring the Victoria food scene in more depth. I started this project for fun & as a bit of a public service and it feels pretty good to be accomplishing both goals in ways that have far surpassed my expectations. I can't believe I've done more than 80 reviews and received so much great feedback from people via twitter and facebook! I've discovered so many new and interesting places, met some very cool new people and just generally stuffed myself silly with delicious food.

In return for all your fabulous love&attention I am proposing a contest! WITH PRIZES AND EVERYTHING!!

Upload a picture of a local food item I have NOT reviewed yet to my contest guide at to be entered into a random draw for one of two "$20 worth of Cabin Bucks" gift certificates to Cabin 12.

Okay, so it's never quite that simple...

The Fine Print

  • Big thanks to Cabin 12 for the generous donation of prizes!!!
  • Local food item means something edible that can be found in Victoria, BC. Use your best judgement but see the following examples for the kind of thing I'm looking for.
    • A BC wine would be great and a Quebec Beer would be okay but a bottle of Jack Daniels would be RIGHT OUT. 
    • A chain restaurant like Boston Pizza wouldn't be cool while a BC-only chain like the Cactus Club might be acceptable although a Victoria-only restaurant featuring local food would be Perfect. 
    • A picture of a locally produced item available at the Moss St. Market is stellar, a picture of a food item made on a small scale in Canada is totally fine, but if you post a picture of some Heinz Ketchup I will not be impressed. 
  • One entry per person please! (Come on now, you know you want to eat at the Cabin anyhow, this is just a bonus no need to be greedy.)
  • "Not reviewed yet" is determined by if it is not listed on the Alphabetical Archive I have started a list of places on my 'to be reviewed' list... but it doesn't have to be on that list to apply!
    • Should I happen to review the restaurant you post between the date of this entry (June 11) and the deadline (July 31) don't stress! Your entry still counts!
  • An "entry" is the addition of a food picture of a Greater Victoria local food item added to the guide " Contest!" via their website or the iPhone/Android App (registration required).
  • Deadline for the entry to be uploaded to the guide is July 31st. Draw will occur on August 1st and the winners will be posted shortly after. 
  • I reserve the right to disqualify any entry based on the above criteria or other unethical/evil/mean-spirited/unfair shenanigans I did not anticipate while creating the rules. This decision is entirely my prerogative although I do generally debate such decisions with a panel of lovely people including my oft-mentioned partner-in-food-and-life. 

** Stay tuned for future contests... I have a BIG IDEA for a super-fun scavenger hunt contest using foodspotting but I want to see how a wee one goes first. **


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