Tuesday, August 2, 2011

QV Bakery and Cafe

Address: 1701 Government St.
Phone: (250) 384-8831
Price: $5-10
Notes: Lots of to-go food, reasonable prices, free wi-fi

I didn't realize the formal name for this place is "QV Bakery and Cafe" - I just call it QV's. It's been a staple of my downtown eating since I was a teenager (oh bother, now I know I'm starting to get 'old'). It used to be open 24/7 but no longer (sad face). Their hours are still really reasonable, and the nice thing is they still have a pretty good selection most of the day no matter what you're craving.

Personally I tend to come here for the treats... when I get the craving I know they will have something that satisfies. From cheesecake to milkshakes to tarts and baked items, as far as I know everything is made in house! Of course, they also have pizza and salads and pastas and wraps etc. as well!

The space itself is pretty bare bones - concrete floors, mis-matched furniture. But - on a nice day they open up the garage doors and the patio becomes a part of the restaurant and it's pretty freakin' epic! Thrown a few coins in the jukebox and have a retro-dance party or meet up for some knitting/gaming/computering.

July 30, 2011
I love the staff here because they aren't your cookie cutter staff - there's enough tattoos and piercings and cool hair colours here to staff a Utopia. I also love that they're dedicated, friendly and very detail-oriented. I swear it took five minutes of full-out TLC to craft my milkshake, and my p.i.f.a.l.'s tart came very highly recommended. 

July 30, 2011
Apologies for the photos... foodspotting seems to be in a sideways mood tonight. If you rotate your computer to the right you can see them right way up ;)

Espresso Milkshake via foodspotting.com

This is one of my favourite desserts/treats ever! My one complaint is that there's too much of it (no really) to eat in one sitting if you've eaten a decent meal without walking around feeling like a jiggly milkshake machine. Oh well - totally worth it, and if you aren't cursed with a lactose-intolerant partner then you could always split it in two. Coffee and ice cream just go so very well together! My only pause is that I swear they never used to serve Cantebury coffee here. And with such beautiful espresso machines, too! Tsk. 

Blueberry Tart via foodspotting.com

The server raved about the sweet/tart combo on this tart and he was 200% right! I only had a few nibbles, but the blueberries were perfect and the lemony inside was as well. Nom!


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