Monday, July 18, 2011

Fol Epi

Address: 389 Harbour Rd. (in the Dockside Green Caffé Fantastico)
Phone: (250) 477-8882
Price: $2-10
Notes: fresh-baked bread and treats galore!

Fol Epi

Fol Epi bakery is connected to the Caffé Fantastico at Dockside Green. Rumour has it that the owner was one of the founding partners of the Wildfire Bakery, but has split and started his own bakery. You probably recognize the bread even if you don't realize it - their loafs are for sale, or used in, many other eateries in town.

I took my dog for a quick walk along the galloping goose that wanders past the bakery before my coffee date and was excited to see numerous people walking and biking by with loafs of bread. Some part of my ancestry must be fetishizing the European-ness of it all.

Their combined patio is one of the most epic patios for relaxation (that doesn't involve alcohol). [I don't mind telling you I very nearly got sunburnt writing this review. Never let it be said I am not dedicated to my blogging!] It's really the perfect place to spend a sunny weekend morning with a latte, pain au chocolat and good company.

I haven't visited before because I don't really like bread (at all) and I rarely choose sweet things as a treat (with the exception of ice cream). However, I visited at the suggestion of fellow blogger Elain whose water colour paintings of coffee shops are just about the most fabulous thing I have ever seen! Our engaging coffee conversation is the real reason for my prolonged sun exposure. Once you start talking good food in Victoria the conversation doesn't stop!

July 9, 2011
Counter service here - I had wait a little bit but that's really to be expected on such a glorious morning! Not too long (which is a good thing I was starving) and I was at the front of the line and things moved along quickly from there.

July 9, 2011
After Elain's recommendation, I couldn't not try the chocolat croissant. Especially after my addiction to Bond Bond's last year. I can really only compare the two. The chocolate in this one was comparable, although perhaps a touch softer (might have just been the temperature that they were served at however). I feel like the Foi Epi croissant was not quite as flaky as the Bond Bond's croissant but some might prefer that (the Bond Bond's does make a dreadful mess).

I noticed they have house-made organic soft serve which might just be the death of me... but I will have to try it!


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