Friday, July 22, 2011

Thetis Island Marina Restaurant & Pub

Address: 46 Harbour Rd, Thetis Island
Phone: (250) 246-3464
Price: $10-20
Notes: a beautiful setting and delicious scratchy pub food

Pub right Thetis Island 12-24-10

Nestled between Kuper Island & Thetis Island in picturesque Telegraph Harbour the setting is the prime location for a gloriously cliched review. I wasn't too optimist, however. In my experience, these little marina-centric places are pretty hit-and-miss due to seasonal and supply issues. I walked by before dinner time to scope things out while stretching my sea-legs and looking for a Real Toilet. The barren deck with "bud light lime" umbrellas didn't look very appealing although after a few days of sweating over a small gas stove attempting to please a fussy crew I was just happy to see it - equally happy not to have to do the dishes afterwards!

The building kind of looks like it was put together by an amateur artist with a bad understanding of perspective. Every time the room changed, the angle of the floor changed perceptibly. The combination of the angle and creak of the slats on the patio were a little bit alarming. The interior was pretty bare bones as well, which is better than yet another nautical themed marina pub!

July 21, 2011
Our server was very friendly and helpful. The service was incredibly prompt - from order to meal was shockingly fast... barely long enough to cook things now that I think about it, some of it must have been par cooked to make it easier. That, or my beer hit me quicker than I thought. Hrmmmm.... could go either way.

July 21, 2011
The selection of local beer was non-existent... but being on the island must inhibit this a little bit so I'm trying not to be too judgmental. Plus, watching the locals roll in to the liquor store I'm pretty sure I am not their tarted audience (being neither male, over thirty or at all suited for physical labour). I opted for the "IPA" from Keiths (please note the sarcastic quote marks). [Insert crickets here]

Crispy Chicken Burger via

I could smell the amazing fries wafting across the water, so I knew I wanted to order something with fries. Having been deprived of chicken for a week I opted for the crispy chicken burger.  The breading was exceptionally crispy, although close to being too salty but that just reaffirmed that it was more scratchy than something made long ago and far away. The inside was lovely and moist. The bun wasn't anything special, but the toppings were epic - including a garlic butter. I pretty much inhaled the thing. The fries were, indeed, fabulous. Slightly greasy, and sadly the malt vinegar on the table was kind of gross so I couldn't even get the contrast of the grease/salt/sourness. Unfortunate!

I wasn't planning on ordering dessert, but the server told us the menu and then we got to talking about recipes for creme brulee and then I had to give in and order it. It arrived in a cute little vintage pot, which was cold on the outside and hot on the top from being freshly bruleed. The top cracked better than any other brulee I've had lately. The custard part was surprisingly lemony - even more surprisingly it worked really well! Bonus points indeed. Especially for the doily. Classy squared!


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