Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Santé Gluten Free Cafe

Address: 2630A Quadra Street
Phone: (250) 590-7174
Price: ~$5
Notes: Tasty gluten-free treats & coffee. Free wi-fi with code from the counter.

Santé Cafe markets itself as a gluten-free place. In some ways this must drive a specific niche audience, but the food options seem pretty appealing to all! They also serve Fernwood coffee, so get a two thumbs up from me.

The space itself is slight impersonal, but has been getting cosier the longer they are open. Cosy chairs & tables with chairs for working and bright and colour decor makes such a difference. (I remember when it was a naanwich and it felt like you were eating in a cafeteria... ugh.)

July 26, 2011
Service was friendly! Even though they didn't have the drink I wanted he offered to make me something custom.

July 26, 2011
I admit to having a food snob moment. (whoops!) I was peering at the menu expecting to see some kind of cold drink options (smoothies? iced tea? something else delicious and gluten free?) but didn't see anything. I was a bit surprised but I suppose since there hasn't been any summer they haven't had much of a cause to haul out the iced drinks. They offered to make something custom but at this point I just felt like a jerk so I opted for some san pellegrino.

Fig-Fudge Cake via

I had seen a picture of this bad boy on Facebook earlier in the day. It was tasty enough looking that I was super stoked I already had plans to meet a friend there later in the day! It turns out she & her support person had also ordered it prior to me arriving so they totally understood my pause for happy grin as I took the first few bites. The texture was spot on (my friend's support said she thought it maybe had quinoa in it. Her partner is also celiac so has eaten gluten free lots). The fig I think really helped with the texture, and added just the right amount of sweetness. Loved the fresh rasberries on top too, mmmmm. This seriously beat 99% of the 'dessert' chocolate cakes I've had in restaurants - I hope it's a regular item because I'm already craving (and I usually dislike chocolate!)


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