Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2% Jazz (Douglas St)

Address: 2631 Douglas St

Phone: (250) 384-5282 ‎
Price: Free espresso on weekends!
Notes: Great coffee & food in an unexpected location.

Long before I was a coffee snob (possibly even before I was a coffee drinker, actually) I remember being impressed by 2% Jazz. I stopped in for a drink to warm me while I waited for a bus at the stop outside, and the owner was so friendly and honest about telling me he didn't take debit I had to be impressed (this has since changed, and I paid with debit on my most recent visit). I remember noting the space was cute, if small, and have since recognized that those In The Know about coffee in Victoria list his place along with some of my other favourites.

I finally returned and was curious to see how things matched up to my hazy memories of so long ago, and they do even though the owner has become busy with other projects, he has collected a friendly group of staff to manage the front end. The location and weird parking situation is the only downside to the place that I can find - although this is poised to change as the owner has signed a lease to open a new roastery/coffee shop space in the beautiful Hudson building downtown. I am excited to see how this raises the profile of 2% Jazz in Victoria!

Purchase a deck of Taste Locally deals & get a free speciality (12oz) coffee with the purchase of any regular priced pastry at 2% Jazz! 

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November , 2011
Super friendly and helpful. There was a bit of an unexpected rush of people as I was coming in, but they handled it with a bit of glee. When I suddenly realized my parking was about to expire, there was no trouble giving me a paper cup and the barista made a point to check it that I had enjoyed my africano (I had).

November , 2011

A nicely poured shot - no bitterness, in fact the roast seemed really balanced. I need to buy some beans and experiment more to get a good handle on the flavours properly, but at first taste I like the coffee here. The beans are their own locally-roasted blend, so that explains why they are listed alongside locations like Discovery and Fantastico.

Apple Maple Bacon Fritter via

I loved the care and attention that was put into the food here - little sausages in wrappers tied with a bow were almost too cute to eat. The baked goods (at least some of them, not sure about all) are sourced from B-Red Bakery. Google informs me that the B-Red baker is also the pastry chef at Zambri's! Good to know when I finally get a chance to visit...

This donut weakened my resolve to eat less wheat. It was totally, totally worth it. Light and fluffy with that perfect sweet/salty combo from the maple & bacon without being too sweet overall. I inhaled it far faster than I should have to truly enjoy the treat... clearly I will just have to go back for another in future (it's such a hard life).