Monday, November 7, 2011


Address: A17-633 Courtney St.
Phone: (778) 430-5683
Price: $5 tea latte
Notes: Incredible macca tea in a tranquil environment

I first experienced Jagasilk Macca at the 'For the Love of Coffee' event this summer. They were the only tea shop in attendance. Funnily enough, I had tried to stop by their physical location enroute to the coffee show, only to discover they were already waiting for me at my next stop! I was incredibly impressed by their marsala macchai latte, and have been meaning to make time to visit their storefront ever since.

Run by a young couple, the pair are working very hard to bring small-batch, ethically sourced tea and Japanese tradition to North America. They have a wealth of knowledge about their product, and are very methodical about the process (something I can get behind!).

The Jagasilk space is in Nootka Court, the small and twisty brick mall/government office building between Courtney and Burdett at Douglas st. They are closer to the Courtney side, near the lovely Daidaco. I have to say I was enchanted by the space. Tucked off the main road, classical music on the stereo and small seating space in a fairly tall space created an air of absolute tranquility. I love the exposed beams and the staircase up to the second floor.

November 4, 2011
Very attentive service today - not just because I was the only customer in the place. I was invited to make myself comfortable while my drink was made, so I settled on the sofa. When it was ready, the tea and the foamed milk was brought over to where I was sitting, and the latte art was 'performed' in front of me. As you can see below - the result was fantastic.

November 4, 2011

Marsala Macchai Latte via

This is the most delicious tea drink I have ever tasted. It is a combination of a special blend of chai and the house macca. The combination brings out the best of both kinds of tea! The green taste of the macca stands out over the spices of the chai, the sharpness of both is are mellowed out by the milk in the latte. The tea is of amazingly high quality and freshness, so all of the flavours stand out.